Solar Meditation & Sunset Release | Weekly Witch Challenge Entry

For my solar magick entry, I am sharing the meditation I plan to do with the sunrise tomorrow on the solstice/Litha. I found this mediation in Rachel Patterson’s Pagan Portals - Sun Magic (see citation at end). I have already set up a small altar space outside under a tree so that I am in the shade to avoid as much of the Texas heat as possible. In addition to the below mediation, I plan to do a sunset release spell. As I have not performed the spell yet, I don’t want to give too many details but I will list my plan below.

Solar Meditation Instructions

Make yourself comfortable in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in and long breaths out … As your world around you dissipates you find yourself on top of a mountain, the ground beneath your feet is covered in lush green grass and scattered with pretty wild flowers. The air is warm, and you feel comfortable. At the moment the sky is fairly dark, and you realize it is just before day break. You turn slowly around in a circle surveying the land that lies out like a patchwork carpet before you on all sides. You can just make out the beautiful fields full of crops, grassland filled with wild flowers and a river winding its way dividing up the land. You take a deep breath in and feel your lungs filling up with fresh sweet-scented air. You notice behind you a blanket laid out on the grass with a large picnic hamper beside it. You sit down and open the lid to find it full of delicious looking food and drink. Ready for you to eat and drink whenever you wish. As you watch, the sun begins to creep up above the horizon, casting a beautiful soft light across the landscape, allowing you to see the scenery in full detail. You sit quietly watching as the sun gradually lights up the entire scene. As the sun rises your head fills with thoughts, ideas and new inspirations. You think about each one with a clear and open mind. As the morning wears on, the sun has now risen to great heights and is shining down from directly above you. It is midday and your mind is filled with more thoughts and ideas, how you can progress from beginnings to put projects into action. You spend some time looking at the beauty that surrounds you from your mountain top vantage, processing the insights you have been given. As the sun begins to set behind you, your mind turns to those things that don’t serve you, the issues, patterns and behaviors that you would like to let go of. Allow the setting sun to take them with it as it begins to dip down again below the horizon. Eventually you are in the dark light that is dusk. You take one last look around at your view and give thanks to the energy and power of the sun.

Sunset Release

Supplies: 4 candles in the shades of the sunset (orange, red, pink, yellow, etc.); 4 small pieces of parchment; a pen, and a fire-proof dish (using my cauldron).

At sunset, Light all four candles. Take a moment to write down four things you want to release, one on each piece of parchment. Take the first piece of parchment, light it with the first candle and place it in the cauldron to burn. Take the second piece of parchment, light with the second candle, and place in the cauldron to burn. Continue in similar fashion with the 3rd and 4th pieces. I plan to say a chant with each one. After all four have been burned, snuff the candles in reverse order. Gazing at the sun while it sets below the horizon, say out loud: This is the end of my troubles, a start to a new day, ready to greet the new day with open arms.

Citation: Patterson, Rachel. Pagan Portals - Sun Magic (pp. 109-110). John Hunt Publishing. Kindle Edition.


These are both really beautiful rituals to welcome in (and then release) the first sun of summer- thank you so much for sharing them, @Amaris_Bane! :yellow_heart:

Good plan- the shade still has plenty of sun energy, especially when the sun is shining brightly all around you! Please stay cool and keep a bottle of water close by while you are meditating :pray::heart:

Wishing you a wonderful meditation and release- have a very blessed solstice, Amaris! :sun_with_face: :two_hearts:


These are both lovely rituals! I really like the Sunset one! Thanks for sharing! I’ve got this book on my wish list, I’ve got to get to it.


I love doing meditations & such in the sun :sun: Of course, the sun being out influences my mood & how much I am outside in my yard. So I could definitely use these in some way.

I understand being in the shade in TX though… good plan… 50 spf is still going to let you burn out there.


Yes! It was already 83°F with 77% humidity at sunrise yesterday!!

That’s no lie for this Irish/Scottish girl!! I look like a :lobster::lobster::lobster: with only a few minutes of sun exposure. :joy::joy::joy:


@Amaris_Bane Whew- already toasty! :sun_with_face: 77% humidity is already enough for me to feel like I can drink the air- and not in a good way :sweat_smile:

Stay cool, Amaris! :blue_heart: :sparkles:


HAHA, even us Texans are losing our minds. It usually doesn’t get this hot and humid until mid-July/early August. I was telling my friends and husband just last night that I think I might die once summer really gets here. Good thing I work inside.


That’s crazy! :astonished: It may be a bit weird to say, but I guess I hope the heat just got here a bit early and that it won’t get any hotter- yikes!

I’m glad you’re able to work inside and can stay cool on the job. Stay safe! :heart:


That is what we are hoping here too! The early heat has not only surprised us humans either. Plants are having a hard time and animals are breeding/ growing faster. I’ve lost my strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lavender, forget-me-nots, and nasturtium just this week. :sob: :sob:

My mom has lost several of her tomato plants and she noticed several birds hatching earlier than expected. The cicadas came early too.


The unnatural heat is messing everything up- I am so sorry for the loss of your and your mother’s plants. That is a tragedy :cry:

I hope the rest of your plants are okay! Hopefully there is some way to protect at least some of them from the heat :pray::green_heart:


Since they are all in pots, I have moved them to the most shaded area of my small yard. It still gets decent sun in the morning but I’m hoping it will help with the heat. I am also watering them more often now so :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


More shade and water will hopefully do the trick! I’ve got my fingers crossed for your plants too- wishing you all the best with them! :green_heart: