Something I Found About a Deck of Playing Cards

Davis gave a satirical reading.

Case Against which
contained the following story of the
origin of a pack of cards:

four suits are the four seasons
of the year; the thirteen cards
in it are for the thirteen weeks in a
season, the 52 cards in the deck are
the 52 weeks of the year. The joker
or jester is the extra day at leap
year. There are 365 spots in a deck
for the 365 days of the
Shakespearian selections and one
of Longfellow’s famous poems were
contributed by Mrs. Caroline D.

This information was in “The Item” a Massachusetts-based newspaper on April 25, 1925. On the same page as my husband’s great-great grandmother’s article. I was in my account on the MyHeritage Genealogical site & it was one of the historical records that popped up for her. I thought it was so interesting to see what the past’s interpretation of a deck of cards was!


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that


That makes a lot of sense! Thank you :heart::relaxed: it’s weird how things pop up or are related to some degree.


I thought it was so cool! I never thought that is what I would find while working on my family tree! :blush:

I’m happy that you enjoyed it too! :two_hearts:


:exploding_head: Mind blown!! hahah I never noticed all of those coincidences!

It’s a wonderful interpretation, it reminds me of the Hanafuda, a Japanese deck of playing cards that has 12 suits, one for each month of the year.

Thanks for sharing @Susurrus! Your family tree is very interesting, as is anything that comes from Massachusetts lol


Thank you so much @Francisco! Massachusetts is a very interesting place & there is so much history here.

I’m doing myself & my husband’s trees so our children will have it for reference & they can set it to show how they are related on both sides. I have it back to the 1500s (earlier in some places) throughout most of the tree(s). I know that in high school, Peanut does her lineage in her English classes. So I can just print out a few generations from her.


How I wish I had something like that. It’s an amazing gift for your children to keep and pass along to future generations. It will be invaluable!


4, 13, 52, 365- if anyone was looking for lucky numbers of the day, it looks like these are them! :grin: What an amazing revelation- this is a great find, @Susurrus! It makes me appreciate the depth of the tarot even more. The layers of meaning to the cards continues to go deeper and deeper! :star_struck:

Thanks so much for sharing!