SOMETHING was in my room last night

So yesterday I came across the article here on Spells8 about mirrors in the bedroom. Ummm, I have a standing mirror in my room that has always been facing my bed for the full year I’ve lived here, I never use it and haven’t really paid any attention to it. After reading the article I tossed a sheet over the mirror with the intention of cleansing and warding it later.

Last night was miserable. I kept waking up with my heart pounding and feeling like someone was watching me. At one point I woke up enough to think “I should just tell it to leave my room” but then didn’t want it to go into my daughter’s room down the hall. Before I had the presence of mind to tell it to leave the HOUSE, I fell back asleep. This happened multiple times all night long.

I will be cleansing today! :scream:


Oh dear, yes cleanse it. I personally don’t have any mirrors in my bedroom. Never have. Don’t know whether it’s an old wives tale but I was taught, cover mirrors, never look into them after midnight, and if you crack it, get rid of it. They’re gateways, don’t know if any of this is true, but following it has kept me safe all these years. Take care. Hope the cleanse clears out whatevers there. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


It’s weird to me that this happened after covering the mirror. I’m wondering if something came in previously and the I trapped it by covering the mirror? Which maybe pissed it off.


@chelsie3 Could be. Here’s a link I found on cleansing mirrors. Might be something in there that can help.
Cleansing a Mirror :heartpulse:


Thank you!


Honestly, it could just be that you read the article, covered the mirror, and your subconscious decided to focus on the mirror and what you read. Our brains are very tricky little things - we don’t understand much of how it works, and sometimes our brain can play tricks on us.

I say to cleanse the mirror, ward it, and keep it covered if it helps you feel better. Honestly, if you’ve had it there this entire time with no issue, chances are there’s still no issue.


For a while I had this long rectangular mirror that was on the back of my bathroom door. It fell off the adhesives I used and I never put it back up. So it just sat on the floor, behind the door.

I didn’t realize it but it was facing the bathroom sink mirror. Wasn’t an issue at first but slowly I felt like something was getting stronger. It was a terrible, uncomfortable feeling like you didn’t want to be there. I felt like something was drawing from the fact these 2 mirrors were facing each other, so I went in one day and just turned the long mirror around. That feeling went away. It was crazy