Sorry for lack of posting

So a few updates.

Bella has made a full recovery. Her eye healed so much better than expected and you can’t even tell she had anything done. She has more energy and acts she is a puppy again. She can catch things better and lives to jump and catch so that thing was hindering her sight some.

Work is just work. I love my job, but hate that they hired so many people just to fill spots. It creates a hectic work environment. As with anywhere those that care end up picking up other slack. Now that I’m back full time I am hoping we can retrain people and replace others to create a better work environment for everyone.

I will be posting a good bit this week. We did have a death in the family and will be travelling this week, but I’m not driving the whole time so gives me time to catch up with everyone here.


Im so happy that Bella healed! Seems like shes a good spirited pup! :two_hearts: and im so sorry for your loss! You have my condolences.:pensive:


It’s so great to hear about Bella’s recovery!! :smiley: And also that you found a driving partner!

Having lazy coworkers is the worst. It seems that you are getting things done. Hopefully they can get motivated by your mindset.


Glad Bella is doing good and recovered fully. I believe my husband would agree with you on the hiring of people to just fill spots, and it becoming more so a hectic work place. Definitely having some that slack and just don’t give as much effort as others.
Sympathies for you and your family for the loss.
Blessed Be,


Yay for Bella making a complete recovery! That’s so nice to hear. And you have my condolences on your loss. :pray:


Hooray for Bella! :dog::two_hearts: I’m glad to hear she is doing so well- I think she must be very grateful for your help in her healing process :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Sorry to about the loss in your family and the challenges at work- I’m sending good thoughts your way! Have a safe trip and hope to hear from you again soon :pray: Blessed be!


I am so happy to hear Bella is doing well. And, I am sorry for your loss. I enjoy your posts, so I look forward to reading more!


HI, I am so happy that Bella made a full recovery! :dog2: :blush:

I am very sorry for loss and I hope you have safe travels! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Love and light :star2: