SOS HELP! Incomplete spell!

FIERCE VOODOO LOVE SPELL This particular spell was difficult to find since it was leaked on multiple Pinterest posts for the public use. I recently subscribed to Spell8 and I love the spells that are downloaded and I can print copies for my own practices. However, I cannot find the second half of this spell on Spells8 or any other website for that manner. Please is you know anyone who can remedy this it would be much appreciated.


Merry Meet Reyna, welcome to Spells8!

You might need to post a bit of this spell because we’re mostly a Wiccan group and you’re looking for something off Pinterest, which is not always reliable, and a Vodun spell, which is usually a closed culture group. It’s two completely different things, like asking for parts of a Ford car at a GM retailer. That might be why you’re having such problems.

In the meantime, you can now go through all of this site’s videos and spells. Make sure you start with the Wicca Self-Initiation and you’ll be able to get a good look at what type of magick we offer here.

It’s nice to meet you! Hope to chat with you again soon!


Greetings! Thank you for responding so quickly!

This particular spell is what sparked my interest in joining Spell8. Since I was a teen, I enjoyed exploring my family heritage regarding voodoo ritual practices that my ancestors passed down for generations. This is the first website I came across and surprised with the amount of actual public article I can refer to. Thank you so much for putting this website together! I was a member for a bit but due to major events this year, I made some financial cutbacks with my membership being one of them.

I appreciate the random person on Pinterest board regarding the article I found that this is a closed practice and should not be published. Especially to the general public. These things should be respected. Some people do it for fun but for most, it’s a lifestyle. Most likely from their upbringing and or curiosity.

I inquired with my sister who also practices that to go with my instincts on completing this one. The ingredients an instructions indicate a unanimous method I noticed in my practices.

Thank you for the information and the warm welcome!


Thanks for your kind comments, and welcome to the Forum!

I just sent you a private message. :email:

Regarding Vodou practices, I heard good reviews of these books, which are the most authentic and intend to destroy the sterotypes:


A very warm welcome, @reyna! :heart:

I personally don’t know much about Vodou practices- but it sounds very traditional and fascinating! Looks like you were able to complete the spell with some advice from your sister- how did it go? I hope it all went well! :grinning:

Feel free to make yourself at home here in the forums- you are very welcome to jump in on any topics of interest, teach what you know (I’d love to learn more about Vodou from you, if you are able to share!), join the current challenge, and participate in the weekly group ritual.

It is a pleasure to meet you- Blessed be! :heart_decoration: