Spell casting question on timing

Am I able to cast spells whenever I feel like it or I should wait for a certain day and time ?


Interesting question, I would like to know what everyone thinks. I am an astrologer, so I would check the current Moon sign and phase, also aspects, signs, etc. Check out this link, lots of info here:


I say yes. The correspondences like days, times, astrological placements, moon/sun phases, etc. are just icing on the cake!


Mostly when you want. Many do go by the phases of the moon. Waxing = spells of increase and protection. Waning = spells of decrease and ‘hexes’. Full = anything goes(to an extent) New/dark = rest and reflection.


If only the bill collectors would wait for a certain day and a certain time to demand payment. (Of course, then some jerk [probably me] would set it for “The first of Never”). I say cast when you have need. If you can wait for the right day or phase of moon, great.

At the same time, part of living a magickal life is learning to move to the flow of cycles. You choose which cycles, but whether it phases of the Moon as @flowing said or days of the week or something else, you don’t have a need and look for the right time. You think ahead about the cycles of the Moon and envision what needs doing during this Moon or this Dark Moon.

Synchronizing the intentions of your spells and various cycles can increase their effectiveness, but if you have a need, you don’t have to wait. These are just my thoughts.


Thank you everyone :two_hearts:


I try to go by at least Moon phases but sometimes it’s based on what I am called to do for myself but I use the tools corresponding with the intentions that I have available to me. I am working on astrology & tracking moon phases, so I have the full moon down & the New/Dark moon it’s the in-between phases I’m struggling with, I get them confused very easily. So I try to do things as I need them to be done, how I am feeling what is coming up in readings/divination.


Greet question @Babywitchbxtch, and I can see you’ve already got some great advice! :blush:

For me, I believe you can cast at any time- and, when you feel the pull to cast, I think that is an especially good time to do your spellwork! :+1:

That being said, learning about and casting in tune with the many influences around us- moon cycles, seasons, magickal properties of the days of the week, etc.- will further enhance your spellwork :sparkles:. While a spell can be cast at any time with nothing more than the intention of the caster, incoporating magickal influences can help to increase power, give direction, open additional doors, and add more benefits to spellwork.

Good luck with your studies and spellwork- Blessed be! :magic_wand:


Found this on Pinterest, no provenance


Thank you :relaxed:


This is a wonderful question and one of the most personal as well. Many factors denote when to cast a spell for different witches. No two witches are exactly the same in practice.

Some of the factors are casters need, Time of day, Day of Week, Month, Moonphase, Astrological movement, Sun Phase and so much more.

Most of all, when do you feel you need to cast the spell?
Yes, casting when the spell alines with one of the many factors does indeed make them stronger. But we cannot always wait. Think of it like this. you have a cut on your hand are you going to wait till a full moon to put a bandaid on it just because it will heal faster than or are you going to bandage it now because of the need there?


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