Spell for a Promotion

Hello to all my fellow Witches and Witchlets,
Suggestions or recommendations for a spell for a job promotion in which the applicant is more than over qualified, responsible and ready/ has been training for the position/transition for years now (been with the company for almost 14 years) but keeps getting consistently overlooked. Like a “Hey, notice me, I’m the perfect fit!”
I have some regular job spells in mind but this one is a special request! :magic_wand:


A few of these might help.


Another route you could take is via wish spells. By this, I mean do a wish spell and focus the wish on your desire for a promotion. An accompanying incantation could be something like,

Wishes of my heart, desires of my soul,
A promotion I seek to make me whole.
Grant me chances, light my way,
With blessings of my wishes, day by day.


Harness the power of this wish,
With full knowledge of its weight,
To drive me through the hands of time,
And bring it forth when it’s my fate.
Let no path be blocked or unclear,
My journey long, my vision near.
Each opportunity grasped tight,
Until my promotion comes to light.

You could pair it with three yellow candles, maybe a related crystal (clear quartz, yellow jasper, yellow calcite, optical calcite, or opal), herbs, etc. There are lots of correspondence ideas here:

You could also work in something related to getting the promotion. For example, if there’s a form you have to fill in, an email you have to send, etc., you can do the spell over that as well. If it’s digital, like a message or email you’re sending, you can write it up, do the spell in front of it, and then hit send.

Because it’s a wish spell, over the days, you can strengthen it without worrying too much about being obsessive. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve heard. Something simple, for a boost, every so often. For example,

Power be unto the wish I’ve cast,
Let nothing derail it, let it come at last.
May it come true quickly, wholly, and bright,
Fulfilling my desire with all its might.
Realise this wish I’ve boldly made,
Granted in the way that best serves my aid.
A promotion sought with fervent plea,
To elevate and reward me, let it be.

Anyway, I hope you get your promotion soon. :black_heart:


Hello @SilverMoonStar,

Amethyst and Starborn have some great ideas for you already, if I can add a few more to the table for your consideration I’d also consider a manifestation box (aka a wish box) and some spells for success.

I’d warmly encourage you to adapt or take pieces from any spells that interest you and combine or alter them to suit your exact needs. Make a spell that works exactly how you want it to! :grinning:

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you all the best with your casting. Good luck and blessed be! :raised_hands:


This is all great info. Thanks so much!


You’re welcome - blessed be! :sparkling_heart: