Spell for family harmony with the help of Kali Ma

Kali Ma goddess, and Divine Mother, the Dark Mother appears fearsome. She is the Hindu goddess of time, creation, preservation, and destruction. However, Kali is also a symbol of Mother Nature because she is believed to be timeless and formless, representing transformation, the creation of life and the universe, as well as being goddess of motherly love and protection.

I know her as an avatar and female form of SivaSakti the GodGoddess. I turn to her when I need a boost of confidence and to be rid of negative energies.

Today my family Christmas get together begins. We have three grown up sons who will be descending on us from all over England, with their families and pets. Like all families this can be a time of tensions as well as reconnection. So, this morning I asked Kali Ma to eat up all negativity and infuse our home with harmony.

I used a pink candle, rose quartz and a mirror.

I lit the candle and placed it in front of the mirror having charged it with moon water. Holding the rose quartz in my right hand. Whilst gazing in the mirror I held my hand above the candle (high enough not to burn) and recited:

O blessed and reflected light
Bring to me peace both day and night
Let my family be, free from tension and negativity (eat it all up Ma!)
O Ma Kali bring to us a time of love and harmony
So mote it be and harm to none

Looking past the flame into the mirror, I let all negative energies and apprehension be drawn into the flame and on into the reflection of it. Placing the mirror face down I let the candle safely burn for one hour before extinguishing. Finally I cleaned the mirror with salt water.

A blessed happy holiday to you all. Aum Namasivaya :pray: :pray:


She’s such a gorgeous Goddess :black_heart:
Om krim kalikayai namah :pray:


What a beautiful ritual :star_struck: I really enjoyed reading this. Happy holidays love


A harmonious time was indeed had. Thank you Kali Ma :pray::pray::pray:


Beautiful spell, @peetamba! It sounds like it went wonderfully :heart:

I hope you and your family all had a fun holiday gathering together! Blessings to you and your loved ones :pray: :sparkles: :blush: