Spell for More Time for Relationship

Looking for a recommendation on what/how to cast a spell so that my boyfriend spends more time with me. His time is limited because of his work schedule, overtime, his visitation schedule with his kids. I don’t want the spell that I cast to negatively impact him - for example, less overtime that affects him negatively - so maybe a promotion or something that frees up time but doesn’t mean less income for him. Things were going so well it felt like we were together just the right amount of time for where we were at, then suddenly, he was only available once a week and that is not a sure thing.

Couple of additional points: I did check in when I first noticed the change in availability and this week to make sure this wasn’t a cloaked way of getting out of the relationship. I am confident his scheduling availability is truthful. But I have made an observation - at the start of when his work became busier and his schedule worse, he was very positive about it not remaining that way. Over the course of the month, his outlook has gotten progressively negative to where now it’s as if he has decided his work schedule will remain like this forever and he seems resigned to it. I continue to try to stay positive. I worry that his energy his blocking his scheduling availability. All I have tried so far is two “unblocking” candle rituals with the intent to remove any blocks affecting our spending more time with one another. The situation has not improved following either of those, though it has not worsened.

Thank you for any advice.



Hi Katherine :wave: This is definitely a frustrating situation you’ve got going on. I can empathize. Not having enough time with those we care about certainly doesn’t make us feel very nice. I have some advice both magic and not for what’s going on. :blush:

Have you talked to your boyfriend about this? In my experience doing tarot readings, those that come to me for relationship advice (such as are they cheating, unhappy, etc.) are already feeling insecure in their relationship for one reason or another. Usually this can be cleared up with some open and honest communication between all people involved. I’m not saying that you’re insecure in your relationship, just that open and honest communication is usually the best idea when you’re concerned about the relationship.

Honestly, I don’t really blame him. When I worked in retail, we didn’t have a set schedule every week. We had to work whatever the managers scheduled us for. There was a period of time where I kept getting scheduled for the worst shifts in relation to my personal life and my managers didn’t care. All they saw was that I was the best person to fit that role at that time regardless of how wonky it made my personal life. This could be what’s happening with him. It could also be the state of the working world right now. Labor shortages are affecting nearly every industry, staff are standing up for their rights to safe and healthy work environments, and sometimes that means businesses are being confronted with people quitting. Therefore, while those people quit, the obligation for the rest of the work falls back on the current employees. If he has no control over the scheduling situation and his boss keeps him on that schedule without listening to his input (if he’s requested a change, for example) then I can see why his attitude about it would be negative.

I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion among members of the coven but I 100% do not believe that the energy someone puts out involuntarily, if it’s even happening at all, can affect them like this. The Law of Attraction is not something I can put myself and my beliefs behind because it tends to blame the victim and sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason. So in my opinion, I don’t think your boyfriend being frustrated, upset, or negative about his scheduling is actually affecting his scheduling availability.

I know you’ve already said it but this is a situation you’ve got to be very careful about. There are a lot of variables here and casting a spell for one thing might create a domino affect of things you don’t want to happen. For example, even casting a spell for a promotion could lead him to having to relocate and miss out on his visitation with his children. A general spell to get him to spend more time with you could result in him getting laid off, fired, or sick. In this case, I would try a road opener spell for him. He’s obviously not happy with his schedule and doing a road opener could help alleviate the situation.

This situation just has me giving extra caution to you because there are so many things involved. The very first thing I always recommend, though, is communication. Speak with him about your concerns in an adult way, listen to what he has to say, and make sure that he listens to you as well.

I hope for the best for you! :pray: :sparkles:


I feel you but I have learned in life that there are few things more frustrating than chasing a man, a dog or a job. If any of these want you, they will come to you and if you want them to come to you, 9/10 if you act like you have better things to do, they will not leave you alone. That is my unenlightened view from a lifetime of chasing down things that didn’t want to be chased. Or that just liked watching me run after them.


Thank you - doing this tonight actually!


Agree and so am focusing more on myself.


Greetings @katherine16!

My heart goes out to you in your struggles to spent more time with the one you love :heart: As you’ve said, it looks like an all-around tricky situation due to the many aspects at play, and is thus a bit of a challenge to pinpoint where exactly to direct magickal spells.

I think you are very wise for being aware of and trying to navigate around any potential unintentional side effects that may result from spellwork :+1: A general money spell sounds great in theory, until it leads to extra overtime! :sweat_smile:

I’ve found the best way to avoid potential whoopsies is to either focus on or in include somewhere in the spellwork the idea of wellbeing. You want the spell to manifest in a way that benefits you (or the intended) in a holistic, wholesome way. Again, this may mean the spell doesn’t manifest in the way you want it to, but sometimes what we think is good for us is actually causing harm. I for one like to trust that there are higher powers and forces out there that may know what is best for us- even when we are unable to see it for ourselves.

Including the direction of “wellbeing” means the spells will follow a track in your best interests and is a good way to avoid harm and unnecessary suffering.

Hollistic wellbeing can be the focus of your spell, or included with a little line or note such as:

I cast this spell with no ill intent,
for holistic wellbeing, my wish is sent


This spell shall cause no harm nor suffering. It will bring about only wholesome changes in a positive direction. So mote it be!

The first option is that the unblocking spells are just taking longer than expected to work. Time is always a complex aspect of spellwork that can make it hard to determine whether or not an approach is (or will be) successful.

However, if it really seems like unblocking spells aren’t amending the issue, you could search for Easing Spells and Relaxation Spells that help to calm and smooth the situation at work, making the work flow become more manageable and allowing for more free time. This is ideal if your boyfriend has a salary position- as it goes without saying that any decrease in time in an hourly position will inevitably lead to less money, unless it is paired with a promotion and increased wages :moneybag:

Whatever spellwork you choose to pursue, I hope the situation improves for you both, Katherine! Wishing you all the best- blessed be! :sparkles:


You’re welcome :hearts: I hope everything works at well for you!


Thank you so much. Somehow, I didn’t see this until today. I’ve been scattered a lot because of dealing with the funeral arrangements and grief, etc. that I also have posted about on the site.

I did receive my candles this week. In hindsight, I wish I’d followed my initial idea. Instead I started the roadblock candle. Then the next day decided to start my two relationship 7 day candles. That was because it seemed like good timing with the moon. Then this Friday, I started burning healing and purification candles because I was finally laying my ex to rest. There had been delays but Friday I made sure he was taken to the cemetery. Says good bye again. My mom and I stayed there talking for quite awhile afterward. He was cremated Saturday morning. I’ll be picking up his ashes tomorrow. I don’t know how I’ll feel about that.

So what I should have done was start with the road block and either purification or a house blessing, something to cleanse - I did do that but it was I believe too brief. Then I should have waited to do anything with the candles related to my current relationship. Then done my candle ritual for my ex.

Now I feel like I have to undo this mess of energy that I unintentionally created. I want a clean slate. And then I want to focus on abundance, gratitude, and the relationship - from the perspective you suggested adding the holistic piece. I feel like my previous relationship related work was either blocked completely or slowed down significantly because of my own every being unclear and because of the lack of closure with my ex.

Any suggestions would be welcome. I’m hopefully going to order my candles later today. Thank you so much for all your help and support!



It’s my pleasure, Katherine- I’m really happy if I could help at all! :blush:

You’ve got some great intentions for the coming weeks- I wrote a few suggestions for you to consider in your other post. I hope you are able to find the perfect spells/methods/techniques that help you accomplish your goals!

Wishing you all the best with everything- blessed be! :sparkles:


Good evening!

Wow. This has been a strange past week. Wanted your opinion on something. For all these weeks I’ve been doing candle spells for various intentions (all positive - nothing manipulative) related to the relationship that had started in January. Well it seemed to just stall, to no direct fault of mine, despite the grief I was dealing with related to my ex dying, which I now have come to believe was the Universe directly intervening. And the guy ended up canceling on my last minute twice. Went out of town was supposed to see me Monday never cancelled it - didn’t happen, didn’t re-schedule. All he did was send me a message at like 10 on Mon saying Thank you. Just go home. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to write him back. It felt degrading, like if I did so I would be violating myself. In any event I have heard from him sense. In the mean time I met someone else. Now in my tarot reading in January the individual I was supposed to meet was described. I met the guy who has since blown me off, thought it was him. Did another reading in April and the person I was supposed to meet was again described very similarly. I asked if it was Kurt. My longtime reader, said well, it could be but he is very immature and remember you had a previous contract to teach immature men. He could be another one. So she said when I did my law of attraction intentions, spells, etc. that I should say well it might be Kurt and if its not it will be someone even better. So now Im thinking that the candle spells I was doing instead of increasing time/getting a commitment from that other relationship, were actually drawing in the person I was actually supposed to have met. Because then I met this guy and when I had a long conversation with him, the things he was saying, it was as if he was reading a script based on my tarot readings that described the person I was supposed to meet and what he would say and do and how it would feel. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Is it possible that’s what happened with my candle spells?



I did communicate with him several times during the four weeks I was unsure where things were at. I was direct. I was not needy, complaining, quite the contrary. I was supportive and flexible. Even gave him an out if wanted to end things but didn’t know how. Nope - insisted strongly he wanted to continue to date me. Later because of a miscommunication, I checked in and just asked that if didn’t want to see me anymore that he would just be honest and tell me and he said of course. Well the last 3 weeks have been nothing but little or no communication. Two cancellations and one just no follow through on when we were supposed to have spent time together. So in this case his communication was completely different than the actions that followed. I am very confused by that. However I posted an update asking for thoughts on how things took a turn. It frustrates that me I embraced communication openly and honestly. Looks risks doing so and mistakenly thought I was getting honest communication back and clearly that wasn’t the case. There is nothing in the world I did to deserve him treating me like this. I can only believe this was intended to keep from what would have been possibly a controlling and emotionally abusive relationship. Thank you for all your help and support.


I’m so sorry you’ve been experiencing such inconsistency from someone who is supposed to care about you :people_hugging: You’re absolutely right. There’s nothing you did to warrant such behavior from someone and you took the right path in speaking honestly and openly. At this point, it is his fault for not being honest with you as well :heart:


Hello @katherine16,

I am so sorry he treated you like that- you are going through a hard time after the passing of your ex, and you do not deserve to be ghosted and disrespected like that. I agree with Megan- it sounds like you are handling the situation as maturely and honestly as you can, so good for you! :heart:

This is why I prefer to leave the door a bit open when it comes to spellwork- while setting clear intentions is essential, leaving the details vague (but still clearly stating for things to happen in positive, wholesome ways- always have to add that :laughing: ) can actually be better in the long run.

Wishing for “a relationship with X” is a very different spell than wishing for “a relationship with my soulmate”. I like to think that higher powers can see much more than we can- meaning that They will be better judges of what is truly in our best interests.

It sounds like your magick is turning out in a way that you didn’t expect, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! From what you’ve described, it sounds like this new guy may the one your cards were pointing to. That being said, I’m a “slow and steady wins the race” type with these things, so I’d recommend you watch and see how things play out as the relationship develops.

I’m wishing you all the best, Katherine- blessed be! :sparkles:


I agree with this, take your time & don’t jump headfirst because the relationship may need to teach you something before allowing you to move forward. I would let things flow naturally & see where it takes you first.