Spell jars for family

That’s a good idea


@MeganB It was probably because… it was the 1st spell I ever wrote. Early into joining Spells8, like a couple of months in. At the time Limeberry had put it on the site after the challenge I think. I remember she told me or made an announcement about it, but that was still my username. I don’t know if any of my others are on here that I have written :thinking:

I changed my username, well after that though & didn’t realize that my name was even listed on the site as the creator or that it wasn’t changed until I looked one day last year :face_with_monocle: at the time, I didn’t think to change it or have it changed :laughing: I must have just been doing my thing in the forum & it got lost among the recesses of my brain :rofl::joy:

@Assyla555 however you choose to substitute it, is totally up to you. & I have done what @Amethyst suggested before, but with each part of Rosemary set a different intention when that part was put in the jar. (I hope that makes sense & isn’t word salad :green_salad:)


I hope it helps!