Spell jars for my loved ones

:sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: I got inspired today during my morning ritual and thinking about what I can create for my 2 daughters who are coming to visit Dec 29th. As some may know I blend essential oil meditation intention oils and other things. I decided to try my hand at spell jars as well.

I did the basic anti-anxiety spell jar found here on Spells8 and added my own special touches to make the jar for a specific person. While I was focused on my intentions, I wrote the name of the person (my daughters of course) and performed the ritual while subbing their name for the word me or my. I added fairy dust (make-up glitter to all you muggles) in their favorite color. Then I sealed the jars. I also made roller ball intention blend that corresponded to each of the flowers or herbs I used in the jar except I subbed lavender with bergamot for uplifting and added silver to the oils and amethyst that was charged during the appropriate moon phase ( I forget which one lol). Just wanted to share this in case anyone was interested. My hope and intention is to bring joy, calm, happiness and peace to my daughters. The youngest suffers from extreme anxiety since birth and this is one way I can tell her I love and miss her from far away. She is living with her older sister because of an issue with a family member and the police investigator thought it would be a good idea for her to get out of the state for awhile. My life with the drama llama :llama: :llama: :rofl:

Blessed be!


The jars for your daughter came out lovely, @Magdelina- I love the addition of fairy dust! :fairy::sparkles: Llama drama is no fun- hopefully you all have peace and serenity over the holidays :blush: Wishing you and your family love and light- enjoy! :heart::candle:


Those are beautiful jars and it sounds like they will be very helpful to your daughters. I hope the drama llama takes at least a nap over the next couple of weeks and things settle down for you and your family.


Love it! Thank you for sharing this, @Magdelina!

Joy and wellness to your daughters :pray: :raised_hands:! Blessed Be!


Pretty cool. :slightly_smiling_face: