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Hi everyone, i have been doing some thinking recently and i feel that what i most desire is a friend. Now i know i have all you lovely friends here and trust me it means the world to me to have a place like Spells8 and the awesome members here to be able to share with and find common interests, however, i have been feeling more and more lonely lately and would really love to have someone i can spend time with face-to-face. I am not being picky but perhaps someone who is interested in the craft or Wicca i can really relate to.
So my question for you lovely people is do you know a spell or perhaps a ritual i can perform that will help me attract a friend? I would really love to have one really close one than have many which are not as meaningful. I understand on my part it will require me to take some action and get out there as sitting at home wanting a friend to come to my door is not realistic and trust me i have plans for this such as getting a job when i get my certificate and perhaps searching for other Wiccans or witches in my state, but the little help if you like, would be really appreciated.
Just noting i have not had luck keeping friends in the recent past as my partner doesn’t agree with my friend choices as i tend to find friends who are really out there just like me but i usually never show this side to my partner as he doesn’t understand, so someone who is secretly wild like me would be awesome. Any help would be appreciated :blush:


If you can’t meet up with them face to face, places like FaceTime on iOS could work! I know how you feel though. I’ve only ever had one friend at a time here and there, and my most recent friend who was like a sister to me fell away.

Anyway, I can’t often use tools, so I visualize like I already have what I desire. This is sometimes hard for me to do as I blind myself or get anxious about something not working out the way I want it to. If that makes sense. The best manifestations I’ve ever done are acting as if I already have that particular thing in my life, and preparing for it like it’s going to happen, then letting go of expectations. I have had incredible things happen in my life when I’ve aligned myself like that. It doesn’t always happen the way I expect it to… so keep that I mind! Letting go of expectations is important, because we can miss the forest for the trees if we cling to a specific outcome. We could end up missing something really awesome that’s right in front of us. I do that often.

Anyway, here’s an idea for a spell. I did a little Google search. I think adjusting it to symbolism that works for you is the best way to do it, though. Maybe draw two stick figures holding hands and write ‘friendship’ or ‘my friend’ and carry that in your pocket or put it under a candle. Just ideas!!

Find a Friend Spell

Anyway I hope you find who you’re needing. :heart:


Hello @TheMuslimWitch!

I took a look at the Friendship Spell Collection for ideas that might help you. Friday is recommended for working on building healthy and loving relationships of all types. And I know you have some beautiful crystals, so perhaps you might use a Rose Quartz to help build/find a new friendship? :heart:

Rose Quartz Relationship & Friendship Magick

I know you love your kitties too- the other day I read a fun spell where you call on Soul Cats to bring you a “present” (as kitties sometimes do!). With this spell, you could ask for their spiritual help in bringing you a friend!

Here is the spell from the Soul Cats Companion Tarot Guide:

I hope you can find a fun local friend to hang out with who is everything you are hoping for- good luck and blessed be! :heart:


You can always change the words on this spell, from partner and love to friend and friendship! It looks like it would work.


Thank you this is wonderful! I will do the spell on a Friday and I have plenty of rose quartz so will work out well :blush:


Yes definitely I will do so if I feel it needs some personal touches :blush:


Yes i tend to find friends at the weird most possible times at the strangest places but in the end they are exactly what i needed… I will try your suggestion and hopefully with the new year coming up someone who needs a friend as much as i do will come along and we will hit it off :blush:


Okay I had to reply and say that the soul cats spell sounds adorable! :black_cat:

Edit: duh, I’m sorry that I didn’t hunt for a spell here. :cry: That was a big DUH moment for me. The suggested spells sound lovely.

Good luck @TheMuslimWitch … and if you want to at least chat a bit here, you’re welcome to private message me :heart: I’m an introvert but I don’t mind opening up! I’m sure people can tell that by how long-winded I get on these forums lol :laughing:


Thank you @Amethyst @Melora_Fae @BryWisteria . After taking all the spells into consideration and doing some research, i came up with my own version of a friendship spell and it goes like this:

-Pink thread or ribbon
-Pink card and envelope
-Pink rose buds
-Rose quartz
-Pink pen
-Rose essential oil
-Pink Spell candle

After casting a circle write the following in the envelope:

Moonlight shines bright,
a guiding light for a kindred soul,
may they find their way to me,
so mote it be!

Draw a simple animation or stick figure of 2 friends holding hands with a ribbon tied around their hands, and apply a few drops of rose essential oil inside. Add a few shards of rose quartz and pink rose buds or petals and then address the envelope with ‘friend’ and seal (can e done with pink wax seal if available). Tie envelope with thread and don’t forget to carve and light pink spell candle setting all intentions Let candle burn all the way. Place envelope on altar or bury in soil.
Best cast on a Friday and the rose quartz and pink candle meditation can e done followed by a tarot reading (Rose Quartz->Love Activation: Clean + Charge Guide – Spells8)
Once the friend comes into your life, burn envelope into the atmosphere showing you have gained what you intended: a friend


Hahaha I think so too- it’s the only spell in the tarot book (lots of tarot spreads, but just the one spell) but it is a cute one! I’m glad you liked it too :smiley_cat: :two_hearts:

It’s a beautiful spell, @TheMuslimWitch- I like the art magick involved with drawing the two friends together, that is really cute :blush:

May your spell help you manifest exactly what you seek! Good luck and blessed casting :sparkles::heart:


That sounds like a great spell! I hope it works well for you!


I think that sounds like a beautiful spell! Good luck! :pentagram: :heart:


I totally get where you are coming from @TheMuslimWitch. I too have no physical friends that I can chat with. The only people I talk to are work collegues and my kids. We all need at least one friend who we can hang out with and be able to talk with about anything without fear of judgement. I have so wanted a friend for a long time now. I think I am going to join you in this spellwork…
Good luck and I am sure the right person will cross your path…


Sending you light and love with your friendship journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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