Spell that Help with Eating Healthy and Weight loss

I’m a Beginner Witch here and right now I’m learning Candle Magic. I’ve been struggling with my Eating Habits, and Weight loss. Can anyone recommend a spell to help me with this. Something Easy, not to difficult I’m new at doing Spells I’m still learning. Thanks in advance.


You could use this Waning Moon :waning_gibbous_moon: to banish cravings or poor eating habits!

Here’s a spell to lose weight from A Spell A Day by Cassandra Eason:

You’ll need:

  • Paper luggage labels or strips of paper (ten darkcolored and ten light-colored)
  • A hole punch and string; punch a hole in each luggage label and thread a string through each one, knotting it
  • A red pen
  • A dead branch

Timing :clock1:: Before you begin a healthy eating regimen

On the dark labels, write in red pen ten factors/unhealthy cravings that make dieting hard for you. Don’t worry if the writing isn’t clear. On the light labels, write clearly in red pen ten benefits of being a healthy weight and healthy foods you love.

  1. Take the branch into the garden, or an open space, and plant it, standing upright. Say, Mother Earth bring transformation.
  2. Tie first a dark label and then a light label to the branch, continuing until all ten labels are attached to the branch. For each dark label say, May the wings of darkness carry to the ends of the earth all cravings, disharmony, and excesses.
  3. For the light labels say, May the wings of light carry from the ends of the earth, health, harmony, and great successes.
  4. Hold the tree branch and say, Mother Earth, make transformation.
  5. Let the wind and natural decay blow away or shrivel the labels.
  6. Prepare, or go out for a healthy meal you will really enjoy.
  7. When you are tempted to binge, recite all three chants and write down the ten benefits of your new lifestyle.

For something simpler, you can use some Law of Attraction Magic. These are from Moonology:

Your wish could be:

  • ‘I wish to drop X pounds’, or
  • ‘I wish to fit into a size 10 dress’, or
  • ‘I wish to be in top physical condition.’

Your visualization could be:

  • Seeing yourself wearing a dress in your ideal size.
  • Imagining yourself out with friends, dressed in clothes you’d love to wear.
  • Noticing how you feel, both energetically and spiritually. So light and agile.

Your affirmation could be:

  • ‘I am so excited to have lost X kilos/pounds.’
  • ‘I am loving my new figure!’
  • ‘I am the perfect size for me!’

Your intention and/or commitment could be:

  • ‘I intend to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day.’‘I intend to eat smaller portions at mealtimes.’
  • ‘I commit to eating healthier food.

You will have to set the intention every single day. You can also write your own spell/ritual using these or other positive self affirmations.

Keep in mind that Witchcraft will help you direct your energy towards what you want, and help you see the opportunities, but you still have to put in the work to achieve your ideal weight.

I hope it helps!! Blessed Be! :pray:


Thank You So much. I will definitely try this. I Believe any magic will work as long as you put your intentions in it. Thanks Again.


You’re welcome!! And you’re correct! Set your intentions clearly and specifically! It will work. The Universe is with you and always listening


It looks like you’ve got some great ideas from Francisco, @MelaninWitch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m sending good thoughts and positive energy your way- hold onto that strong intention of yours and best of luck to you! :heart:


What I found that helps is to be consistent with whatever healthy habit you do. When I began working out, I gave up too soon. I thought that it wasn’t helping. Now, I workout more frequently and after some time, (everybody’s different) I saw results. Eat less sugar and carbs. I’m not saying stop, just use less. I completely changed my diet one shopping trip and I didn’t find that I liked the taste of it wasn’t filling. And I didn’t have what I was used to eating. Lol you can do it! Keep a positive outlook on things. If you want any help or have any kind of questions at all, give me a shout out!


Thank You so Much @christina4 yes I’ve really been struggling with my weight and eating Habits, but this time in staying focus and I already manifested that I will do great. Thanks for the advice Love.


Aw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: anytime! There’s a YouTube channel called Minds in Unison. They do different sleep hypnosis. There’s affirmations that you can’t hear. There’s one for weight loss. And it’s binaural beats. That’s where you hear a different tone in each ear that produces a third tone. Binaural beats only works with headphones. That helps subconsciously. I’ve been listening to them for a while and I love it!


Heres a list of some crystals to help with weight loss (theres more out there!)

  • Blue Apatite, Carnelian, Citrine, Kyanite, Sunstone

This is very helpful I work with Crystals a lot. Thanks


Branching off from what @Francisco was saying-

The power of visualisation is so strong!
I used to work as a weight loss/healthy eating consultant and this was one of my absolute favourite tools to use.
Something I found helpful was imagining scenarios in which I was my future self with the habits I wanted to have for a healthy lifestyle.

For example:
I’d close my eyes and picture myself sitting at a table in a specific restaurant. I try to feel as much of it as possible - the seat beneath me, the clothes I’m wearing, the table under my arms or bashing my knee etc.
I’m holding the menu, I can see the choice I would usually make (unhealthy) and I can see the choice I want to make. I feel attractive, I feel slimmer, I know I’ve been making good decisions (even when this wasn’t actually true).
The waiter comes along and I order the healthier option with a smile on my face, knowing I will continue to be happy within myself.

Replaying this visualisation or ‘practicing’ it helped me to make the healthier options when at those restaurants - I’d already done it so many times it was easy!
Sorry to ramble but hopefully there’s something helpful in there! Good luck :hugs:


No rambling at all, this is very helpful. I will definitely use this. I visualize a lot especially during meditation. Thank You