Spell to Spark Change 🔥

Spell to Spark Change

Spell to Spark Change :cauldron:

Tired of the way things are? Ready for some positive change?

Draw on the mighty energy of the elements to spark change with some dazzling fire magick!

You will need:

Spell Instructions:

  1. Hold your paper firmly in your hands while focusing on the things you wish to change. Be very clear with your intention (if it helps you stay focused and concise, you can write your intention on the piece of paper, but this is optional).

  2. Mix a little of the powdered ginger root into the oil and mix thoroughly. Brush a small amount of the ginger oil onto your wish paper, imbuing it with healing fire energy and beginning the process of change.

  3. Place your oiled wish paper and the dandelion flower into your cauldron. Associated with air, protection, positivity, and wish granting, the dandelion will help fan the flames of your intention and carry your wish to the universe.

  4. Say:

That which no longer aids me, I feed to flames.
By elemental air and fire, I burn the situation and set myself free.
In light and in open space, these flames mark a new beginning.
And when their ashes return to the earth, I will rise anew.

  1. Carefully light the oiled wish paper. As it burns, focus on manifesting the change you wish to see in your life. (Note that while the oiled paper should burn, depending on how fresh the dandelion is, the flower may or may not burn- it’s perfectly fine if it doesn’t!)

  2. Allow the fire to go out on its own. Take the ashes of the paper and the dandelion outside and find an isolated space, preferably one that is touched by both sunlight and moonlight. Bury your spell remains respectfully.

  3. Knowing that the embers of change are now sparking to life, allow the universe time to kindle your desired change into reality.

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Bright Blessings! :sparkles:


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