📖 Spells8 Book Club XIX (Jul 8 - Aug 5)

Congrats on finishing your book, @MorganFay! :partying_face: It sounds like you were able to learn a lot about herbs :+1:

For any interesting herbs you learned about that aren’t native to where you are, perhaps you could order them online? There are a few resources and tips about how to do so in this herbs and spices discussion. I also recommend Mountain Rose Herbs (online reseller) as well as checking to see if you have an apothecary/herbalist nearby who could order for you :herb::package:

I hope you’re able to find any herbs you want to use! Blessed be :sparkles::blush:


Today marks the end of this reading period!

A discussion will soon open up in the forum for everyone to share their thoughts and swap book reviews :open_book:

Please keep an eye on the forums for the soon-to-appear post! :eyes:

:exclamation: The few wonderful reviews already posted here have since been re-homed in the Readers’ Reviews post to make them easier to find!

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Didn’t finish your book or just got started ? No worries!

Feel free to share your thoughts so far and chime in on the reviews that your fellow coven members have shared. You may find a recommendation for a new book! :open_book:

After a one-week review period, the next reading session will begin: Next Friday, August 12th . Feel free to continue reading your current book into the next session or start a brand new book at that time!

Happy reading and reviewing! :books::blush:


This reading session has closed- thanks for joining in! If you have a book review to share, please do so in the open Reader’s Review post. Any other non-review posts can be shared in the current Book Club reading session or the Book Club FAQ.