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Hecate, I could never suspect I would work with her, but she came into my life, thanks to this coven and the challenges. The fierce witch I saw with the element fire, turned into a crone, and later into the godess Hecate, still in crone version.
While I was searching through the podcasts on Spotify I came across Cindy Brannen. And Immediately I felt a connection. I thought she was very wise, and she gave me the information I needed to hear. I watched a video on YouTube from her.
I found out she wrote a book. Two books, but I will start with this one. Alas only in English, which asks for more concentration from my side.
But that s even more a reason to discuss it here.
The book is a kind of course, to connect with her. With questions in every chapter, prayers, practices. I just started it. The first chapter is about dedicating yourself to her, to this course, writing your intentions, making an altar. So this is where I will start.


It’s always interesting to me that so many work with Hecate & I’m over here like… nope, I know nothing unless it’s related to Brigid, the Morrigan, & then some of the other Celtic Gods & Goddesses, & then a little bit about the Tuatha De Danaan… I’m always curious though what others have found out or learned about Hecate where she is so popular though.

I have seen this book a few times come up in suggested reading, so I would love to see your review once you have finished @martje


I guess it ‘s the feeling I get from her. You know I have worked with Brigid. She is bright, loving, and also strong. But in a very different way. Hecate is more neutral to me as in being good or bad. I am going to face the shadows of my life and this energy is just more suitable I guess


@martje… if that’s what feels right & good… go for it! Do what you feel is going to help you the most.

It’s interesting to me how much I know about Hecate but at the same time how little because I don’t work with the Greek Pantheon, I’m drawn & meet with the Celtic pantheon, but I am a very Celtic Pagan/Witch… I mean there’s some things that don’t necessarily fall in there, but everyone is different in their practice. Not everyone is going to have the same deities.

I will say that is how I feel about Brigid & that is how I feel about the Morrigan. She is also a Dark Goddess of the Otherworld among other things. But my needs are most likely different than yours. So I can see why the Morrigan makes her presence known to me based on personal experiences & experiences with her.

I’m happy that you are learning so much & it is all just clicking with Hecate for you! There is an Etsy shop called Hecate’s Boutique & there are some gorgeous handmade items. Bookmarks, beads, bracelets. I’ll go hunt down the link & send add it for you to check out.


Thank you Siofra :kissing_heart: I think when you are guided towards deities from the inside it ‘s always the best way to go, and you are right, everyone is different. And not so different at the same time :crazy_face: I would like to see the things you are talking about.


@Martje How exciting that Hecate has reached out to you, Martje- I’m so happy for you! This sounds like a great book with lots of information on how you can deepend your bond and connect with Her. Also your English is perfect, my friend, so no worries there- you’ve got this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you enjoy the book and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Blessed reading! :heart::open_book: :old_key:


I deeply admire Hekate, as I do Lilith. I would be very interested to learn how you find this book to be. I’ve read a couple of short novels and one truly comprehensive online source about Hekate and find her kindness and generosity uplifting and intriguing.
Thanks for this info!


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: The current reading period will end in one week (Friday, Oct 14) :grey_exclamation:

A Reader’s Review post will appear in the forums at that time for everyone to share their thoughts and hear all about what your fellow coven members have been reading.

I hope everyone is enjoying their reading so far! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and learning about new books :open_book: :sparkles:

Happy reading and blessed be! :books::sparkles:


Yeah, I’m backing out until I get through the next few weeks with appointments. It’s that time of year! :rofl:


I finally finished chapter one of Mystical Dragon Magick! I think that was the longest chapter of the book.

Conway mentions that you can talk with others about how they can pass through to each of the rings, but to keep the details of your own personal journey to yourself. Maybe the reason for this is so people won’t think that everyone has to have a similar (or the same) experience to know that the messages from the dragons are authentic?

I have come to the conclusion that in order to pass through to the second ring, you must achieve balance in your life. I meditated with my Dovah Mindopah (Dragon Teacher) and I learned what that is. Conway wasn’t exaggerating when she said that it will likely take no less than six months to pass through to the next ring.


I love books! Reading is one of my greatest hobbies since I was a kid. I remember being a little girl and seeing my mother with a book in her hands, completely absorbed.

I know I cant talk about a book I don’t have yet, but I hope my boyfriends realizes how much he loves me and Buy it!! :rofl:

I’m truly obsessed with a book called “The witch’s guide to the Paranormal” since I love all the paranormal stuff (I’m a little medium, so “understand correctly what I’m seeing or feeling” its important to me).

Anyway, I’ll make a proper entry when I have it!


I’ll wait for the review! I’m thinking about buy it (even when its not translated to Spanish and I will have to buy it in English :scream: ) Is it worth it?


It is definitely that time of year :joy: I held off from getting a book this month thinking that I’d focus on an online class I wanted to take instead… but it’s been so busy I haven’t done that reading either :upside_down_face: So I feel you 100%!

I’ll just be eating up everyone’s book reviews and living vicariously through everyone’s fun book adventures and reading :laughing: :+1: :two_hearts:

If that is the reasoning, I can definitely see the value in it- while it can helpful and be reassuring if your journey aligns with someone else’s, it can be really discouraging for those who have a different experience, even if it is just as valid as anyone else’s.

Congrats on finishing the first chapter and on working towards the second ring- it sounds like it will time time and dedication, but you’ve got strong will and great work ethic, Kasandra. If you set your mind to it, I’m sure you’ll achieve your goal! Good luck! :sparkling_heart: :dragon_face:

It sounds like a great match for your talents! :blush: I hope the book of your dreams will be in your hands soon, and that it is even better than you hope it will be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Alix Harrow and I went to the same college. She started the year I graduated. She is brilliant and an amazing writer!


Holy Moly! That’s amazing!! You’re soooo lucky to have known her. She is an incredible writer! My Masters is in Creative Writing and the way she uses words makes me want to turn my degree into a paper airplane. Her talent is just unbelievable. The way she paints the picture is just beautiful.

Do you keep in touch with her?


No, our school (Berea College) is very small and close knit, so we knew each other (maybe knew of each other would be better). She and I were in very different majors so paths rarely crossed. She is lovely though.


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