📝 Spells8 Book Club XXXV - Readers' Reviews!

@tracyS sounds like an amazing book! Adding this one to my list for sure! I’m thinking this book club may be a bad idea for me :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve been curious about “things” having spirits attached to them since I bought an antique rocking chair for $5 34 years ago that appeared to be “haunted”. This book is perfect for me!


Ooh if you ever do find out the story behind it, I’d love to hear it :sparkling_heart:


I have to be careful with the antique stores I go to. It can really mess me up. And

I totally agree with this. I feel like if a spirit wants to stay attached to something it will .

@Mystique Please tell us about your haunted rocking chair…


Story of the antique rocker.

So, I was pregnant with my oldest who is now 35 and wanted a rocking chair for the nursery. I was at a garage sale and found a real nice very old rocking chair for $10. I had five dollars left and asked if she would take less thinking I would never get it. She said “ yes, what do you offer “. So I told her I only had five left but would love it for my nursery. She told me she would take five, she just wanted it out of her house. She then told me not to put it in my nursery. I just gave her a funny look and gave her the money. I should have caught on to what she was saying and how she looked. I had left a coven of dark magic witches (by this I mean did not follow the law of 3) about 8 months prior to this.

Got the chair home and put it in the nursery. The first couple nights were quiet then I started hearing noises in the room. My daughter was not born yet. I would go in there and the chair would be moved or rocking or both. Sometimes the bedroom would be rearranged with the crib in a different spot. I was never scared as I knew what was going on.

After Kaylahna was born when she would cry at night I would hear humming or singing in her room. When i would check on her the chair was always rocking. But whatever was in the chair calmed her when she cried until I could get there.

Now that she’s grown, she has the chair. But she keeps it in her garage because she is afraid of it.


@Mystique Oh my, this is beautiful

I’d have to find out who was attached to the chair, their story. Could be a lost spirit looking for love. It’s a shame you can’t talk to the spirit in the chair. Maybe you were meant to have it. Thankyou for sharing this. :sparkling_heart:


Sounds like a great book, @AIRAM - I hope you continue to enjoy it! Happy reading :books: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This sounds like a lovely book loaded with ways to enjoy Imbolc time :candle: :blush: I have the Ostara Llewellyn Sabbat Essentials book and I’ve been waiting until Ostara to read it- since it’s in the same series, I imagine it’s going to be pretty similar. From what you’ve said, it sounds like a really solid series loaded with helpful Sabbat information! I like how it explores some of the other holidays and happenings of the season too. Very helpful! :open_book: :star_struck:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, @celineelise! :pray:

Woohoo! Look at you go, Sivonnah! :tada: :raised_hands: :heart:

I know that feeling! Honestly, I’d encourage you to just go ahead and pick one that calls to you right now - no worries about commitment. If it’s not good or you change your mind you can always switch! Books are patient and don’t get offended easily. They’re wonderful like that :grin: :+1:

10/10 woohoo! :partying_face: This sounds like a quick but insightful read full of handy spirit info. I like that she doesn’t shy away from handling the “nasty spirits”- I’m sure that information will be helpful to some!

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Tracy, I’m glad you enjoyed Spirit Keeping! :ghost: :sparkles:

Wow! It sounds like whatever was attached to the chair didn’t mean any harm, but still - I think I’d be spooked too! :chair: :eyes:

Beautiful story, though- thank you for sharing it :pray:



I read A Beginners Guide To Numerology. This was an amazing book! I learned way more about numerology then I thought I would. So much more to it than I originally thought.

The first chapter tells about the history of numerology. Tells about how it was used back in cave days up to now. Explains how numbers have vibrations which I didn’t realize until I started working with the numbers.

The second chapter explains your birthday number, which is the easiest number to figure out. Also begins to explain what the master numbers are and that they don’t get reduced. This chapter also explains karmic debt, which I had no idea existed! It’s amazing to realize we all have a debt we owe to karma and if we don’t correct things in this life we still owe that debt in our next. It then gives the meaning of all birthday numbers.
The next section of this chapter explains your life path number and how to figure it out and the meaning of that number. Then explains how to put together the birthday and life path number.

Chapter 3 tells about the secret in your name and your destiny number. Every letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number 1-9. Those numbers are used to find your destiny number using your name. It then explains the meanings of your destiny number.
This chapter also tells how to choose a babies name using numerology. It’s quite interesting how you can choose your child’s core profile using numerology.

The next section explains how to get your soul and personality numbers and the meaning of them. It then goes on using those numbers to show what karmic lessons you need yo learn to erase your karmic debt.

The next section in this chapter explains the concords, which is a set of 3 of the core numbers which share a common interest and traits. These numbers are determined using your birthday and life path numbers. They tell if you are more of an intellect, business minded or creative, or a combination.

It then tells how to find your maturity number and the meaning of that number.

It then tells how repeat numbers in your core profile affect your life. Repeat numbers will intensify that trait.

Chapter 4 explains how numerology works in a 9 year pattern and how to find what month and year you are in in your life. The nine year pattern is repeated over and over. Explains how if you are in year one that it is a time for new beginnings and year nine is a time for finishing up what you have been working in so you can prepare for your next year one. It makes me think of how we use the moon cycles for new beginnings and cleaning up loose ends.

Chapter 5 tells how to create a birth chart and name chart and how to find what karmic debt you actually owe and what lessons are needed to fulfill that debt so you don’t take it into the next life.

Chapter 6 tells how to bring it all together, decoding your future, compatibility and relationships.

Chapter 7 tells how numerology works in tarot, astrology and crystal connections. Explains how if you pull multiple cards in tarot that have the same number how to read them. How in astrology the numbers work with star signs and the moon. With crystals how certain stones, based on your numbers, can help with certain kinds of emotional healing.

The final chapter gives a brief introduction to angel numbers and explains how to read numbers for others.

Sorry this is so long! This is an amazing book for anyone wanting to learn about numerology. I highly recommend it!


A real deep dive into the topic- this book sounds like a very thorough exploration of Numerology! :1234: Despite the amount of content it seems very clearly organized with each chapter exploring a unique aspect. I imagine this will make it easy if you ever find yourself referencing the material in the future.

I really appreciate your thoughts on the book and it’s content, Mystique, I’m so glad you enjoyed A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :heart: :blush:


Sad to say, with one thing and another I didn’t finish my book this month. I’ll have to carry it over.


You and me both, Amethyst. It’s okay :hugs:


I’ll get there yet!


My first book on Witchcraft was the Witch’s Almanac back in the mid '90’s. It was a black & white print journal that, after quickly skimming through the pages, I took a chance on buying. I LOVED it, for all the reasons you mention with this, your book club choice. It had articles filled with history, holidays and the recipes! I still make the bread pudding from the recipe I got from that one journal.
So, yes! I understand the enthusiasm you experienced from this book and will be adding it to my book list.
Thanks and stay awesome!


I’m with Megan- there’s nothing wrong with that! :blush: Books are so wonderfully patient, they will be there until things align and we are ready to read them.

I hope you continue to enjoy it, Amethyst- happy reading! :heart: :open_book:


Thanks, darling! I may have to go back to the start, I’ve gotten off track and forgotten what I was reading! LOL!


Basic principles of practical Magic :pentagram: :pentagram:
t’s finally over!

excellent book marries Buddhism with magic!
gives great importance to visualization and meditation!


@Amethyst I’ve had to do that before, in both books and in video games! It’s hard to jump back in in the middle. Sometimes restarting is a better way to go (especially if it’s a good and enjoyable story!) :grin: :+1:

@AIRAM Congrats on finishing your book! :partying_face: :heart: Sounds like it was a great one, especially for anyone who enjoys learning about Buddhism and practicing meditation/visualizations. I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Airam!! :books: :blush:


I probably will do that! Thanks!


@Amethyst Happy reading, my friend! :open_book: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I tried to finish my Baba Yaga book but I am nor sure if I will be able to finish because I am about half way through… we’ll see… Maybe Baba yaga will compell me ?


That’s how I started off. Practicing on my own and always had good results I still do it. Use this method for wishing magic it works the best