Spirit Animal Story

Greetings, everyone! I wanted to pop in and share a story with you all that I’ve been dying to share but too hesitant to tell others besides maybe you all (you’re such a lovely group here I feel like I can tell you anything).

My patron goddess is Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt. Since “finding” her a few months ago, I realized there have been so many instances in my life where she has guided me, been there for me, and I wasn’t even aware of the fact. When I was a child, I “imagined”/saw a variety of animal spirits that would follow me everywhere I went- school, home, the car, I mean literally everywhere. I saw them as my friends, my companions. I always thought it was because I was a lonely child, but now I think it was Diana being there for me. I can still picture the experience for me, very awesome and unique, I just hope it’s believable to you all!

My favorite fictional series (for multiple reasons) is Harry Potter, and my wand is yew. I read that yew is sacred to Diana, and when I found that out it didn’t feel like a coincidence- just a piece of the puzzle fitting together. Since connecting with her through meditation and prayer, I feel like I have found a place of comfort where I never had before. I love Diana’s Worship Song on the site, and try to listen to it in honor of her. Today, for the first time, I happened upon a post about goddess Diana on my Facebook, and it felt like fate. I suppose that is what spurred me to share my story with you all. Thanks for listening to my rambling, hope I made sense. Blessed be! :sparkles:


That is such a beautiful story :heart: Thank you for sharing it with us!

It sounds like you had a magical childhood and found a connection with Diana through time. I’m so glad you’ve found her – and yes, your story is believable! Many magical things happen every single day. Yours is one of them!


It’s amazing when the pieces all come together and the entire picture becomes clear :blush: You have a very beautiful story and I’m so happy that everything is aligning for you, @amandakay!

May Diana continue to watch over, protect, and guide you :heart: :full_moon_with_face: :bow_and_arrow:


Lovely story and I’m so happy that you feel so comfortable here


Thank you all so much! The memory is one of my most cherished from my childhood, and when I look back on it I always smile. I feel very blessed to have been able to experience it! I sure hope Diana does continue to be with me, guide me & help me on my spiritual journey. I’m grateful for you guys as well, for listening to me. :grin:


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