Spring Home Cleansing Tips 🏠

Springtime is a great opportunity to get rid of all the negative vibes in our homes. I’m speaking of energy which attracts debt, bad luck, illness and other problems to those who live in it.


Why does this happen?

The reason why this happens is that Every house is a living entity, it has a spirit. If the spirit suffers, the house suffers and therefore, those who live there will feel it too.

Negative Energies at Home

A dirty and messy house attracts, by the Law of Attraction, similar things: negative situations.

Do not cling to anything. If you begin to detach yourself, a tremendous release of energy will take place in and around you. The energy that was wrapped in attachment to things will bring a fresher air. Avoid keeping:

• Expired medications

• Clothing that you do not like or haven’t worn in a longtime

• Deteriorated beds and walls

• Dead or dying plants

• Old newspapers / magazines

• Old socks, with holes in them

• Damaged shoes

• Scrap or junk

All these things limit the flow of new energy and positive changes.

Human Remains in the Home

If you keep human remains in your home, be careful!

Homes are for the living, not the dead. Clothing and other belongings of deceased ones should not remain in the home. Just as the ashes of a family member should not be kept, look for the right place for them to rest, but not in your home.

Music in the House

Although it might seem silly, when you listen to music on loudspeakers you also create certain energetic vibrations. Choose uplifting and motivating music, whatever the genre of your taste. The sound waves can affect on many levels both your home and all those who live in it. So avoid songs of pain or contempt, which again by the Law of Attraction will only attract more pain and suffering.

Attracting Positive Energy

The cleanliness inside your home reflects on the outside, as we clean our physical home, also our minds and heart get in shape!

✓ Health improves

✓ Creativity flows easily

✓ Relationships improve

✓ There is more listening and understanding

✓ There is a lightness in spirit and humor

Normally you only need to perform simple practices that are often sufficient to heal your house of those residual energies and begin to flow more harmoniously.

Home Cleansing

You can use vinegar to clean floors and surfaces.

Vinegar is perfect for getting rid of negative energy. The cleansing should begin with the last rooms of the house and ending at the front door or main entrance. Special attention must be paid to the corners, especially the dark ones and spaces that are usually enclosed or inhabited.

Amulets in Doors and Windows

Five-pointed stars (pentacles), the OM symbol, the Yin Yang, horseshoes, the hand of Fatima or personal sigils are some examples of protection symbols that you can place on your door (inside or outside).

Place a stick of cinnamon near the front door to avoid conflict and confrontation from guests or roommates.

Place a head of garlic near the entrance or the windows of your house, it will serve as a shield so that strange entities or curses won’t come close.

Protective Plants

There are many recommended plants to protect the house, but I personally recommend rue, aloe vera and yellow flowers.

Rue should be placed by the entrance of the home, it is a repellent of negative energies by nature.

During the crescent moon, decorate your home with a few yellow flowers, preferably sunflowers.

The aloe vera can hang near the entrance of the house. This plant absorbs bad influences.

Smoke Cleansing of the Home

Cleansings with smoke are some of the most beneficial and complete.

Sage is a powerful protective and cleansing agent for the energetic, psychic and physical planes. It promotes wisdom, brings clarity to solve problems and conflicting circumstances.

As with vinegar, you will start from the last room of the house making your way to the main entrance. Keep doors and windows open for the entire duration of the cleansing and especially afterwards. Clean the edges of the doors so the energy is intentionally pushed out.

Remember, if the house receives pain, pain will come; if there is joy, abundance will come.