St. Paddy's Day ☘ From the IPS

I’m not sure who else gets the newsletter from Lora O’Brien or The Irish Pagan School, but since St. Patrick’s Day is coming I thought I’d pass it along!

Last Paddy’s Day (17th March, and please don’t ever call it Patty’s Day?!), Jon recorded a video, a bit of a rant really, about the Patron Saint of Ireland and our native perspective on him. It seems timely to get out ahead of things now, for the month that’s in it!




This was a great video. I wasn’t familiar with the IPS, but I’m curious now! Thank you for sharing.


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The Irish Pagan School is one of the better resources online about Irish paganism. The founders, Lora and Jon, are both native Irish people and share historical and mythological information in an easy to understand way.

It’s super helpful for those of us outside Ireland who sometimes get the watered down version of Irish holidays and history. :shamrock: Anyway, I’m rambling now because they are a resource I really enjoy. I’m glad you liked the video!


I’ll have to make sure for time to watch this… tomorrow will be a reconnection beginning after my wild weekend :crazy_face: