Starting the Day With Gratitude

Starting the day off with gratitude can lead to increased happiness and productivity each day; it can also create the attraction of positivity and abundance into your life. When you start the day with gratitude, this attitude is reflected in all the encounters and situations you experience throughout your day.

Discover the power you will have when taking a few moments everyday to practice gratitude!


I start my day by waking up saying, Well, I’m not dead yet. Then I feed and water the livestock. If the moon can be seen, I thank Goddess for the wonderous gift she allowed me to see. If its the sun, I say, Good morning Sun, thank you for warming our world. If I thanked Goddess for everything I see, She wouldn’t have time for anyone else. So I take a deep breath and shout "Thank you for my life!


I always do my gratitude meditation at night right before bed, but looking at all of these wonderful benefits- I’m going to try a quick gratitude meditation in the morning to get the day started right! :grin:

Thank you for this lovely video and your wisdom, @Silverbear :sparkling_heart: