Sun and Air Wish for Happiness ☀

For my challenge entry I give you my Wish for Happiness invoking the element of Air and harnessing the power and symbolism of the Sun.

My intention was there from the beginning so choosing ingredients was easy but for some reason the words and actions just weren’t coming…
So I dumped everything on the table with a rough idea of where this was going and just went with the flow! Here’s what came of it:

You will need:

  • Lemon juice from half a lemon - Sun, Happiness, Love
  • Few drops of water - Water element, and use to dilute lemon slightly
  • Paper
  • Paintbrush or cotton bud
  • Yellow tea light candle - Yellow for Air and happiness, Fire element (ended up using 3 so I could have God and Goddess candles too)
  • Sunflower petals - Sun, Happiness, Wishes
  • Oregano - Air, Happiness, Joy, Banishes negativity
  • Dandelion (Any part works- I used the seeds/puffs) - Air, Happiness, Wishes
  • Sage - Air, Wishes, Banishes negativity
  • Bay leaf - Sun, Wishes, Banishes negativity, Strength, Success
  • Uplifting happy incense (I chose citrus)
  • Fire-proof container for collecting ashes
  • Citrine crystal - Earth Element, Optimism, Abundance, Luck, Happiness, Protection, Success

So I began by clearing my altar and setting up my God and Goddess candles in holders. I used yellow tealights which I inscribed with the symbols for the Triple Goddess (left candle) and Horned God (right candle) both lit from the same flame. (This is a running theme- I tend to start one fire per spell and carry it through my candles and materials e.g. incense etc. rather than striking several matches as I go along.)

I lit the incense from the Goddess flame, cast my circle and sat facing East holding my Citrine in a short meditation, visualising a warm yellow glow coming from the crystal and into me as I breathed.

I invite you to bring light and energy to my body and soul.

I read the Air Invocation and some notes on The Sun tarot card. When I felt my mind was clear of all thoughts other than my intentions I began.

I mixed the lemon juice with a few drops of water and started drawing and writing on the paper. The Sun, Hearts, Happy, Loved, The symbol for Joy.
When I’d finished I placed the unlit candle on top of the paper.
I took the sunflower petals and arranged them in a circle around the candle to create a sun with the petals as rays. As I did this I chanted:

Bring me love, Bring me light, Bring me happiness. X3

I then lit the candle from the God flame.

Next, I sprinkled the Oregano clockwise around the ‘Sun’. The scent was incredible and these words just came to me.

As the scent of oregano is carried through the air
I banish all negativity from my mind,
I wish for happiness, positive communication and tranquility everywhere,
Let hearts around me soften and the words we use be kind.

Next I took my 3 ‘wish’ ingredients (dandelion puffs, sage, bay leaf) and fire-safe container (star candle dish).
I whispered my wish into each ingredient and burned them with the ‘sun’.

I let the candle go out on its own.
When it was done, I added the oregano and sunflower petals to the herb ashes and mixed in the leftover incense ashes.
I took this powder petal mixture and blew it into the wind (out my window) while chanting and again holding my Citrine:

I send these wishes,
Blessed by the Sun,
To be carried through the Air,
My will be done.

I heated the lemon paper by a new flame the next morning to reveal the messages and put it in a safe place.

Super rambly, apologies, but it turned into a looooonnnnng spell :sweat_smile:
I definitely seem to have done something as I had messages from 2 people I haven’t heard from in months during this spell. Rambles over. Much love :hearts:


Nice spell! I like the lemon and oregano together, it must have smelled wonderful. Good job!


That’s so cool! I love each step and the last step, you get to see the messages. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I loved the invisible ink trick with the lemon :lemon:! That was a great metaphor for the sun coming out!

Sun Magic is my favorite!! :sun_with_face:

Here comes the sun and it’s all right…


This is so cute and so creative- a joy to read, @Limeberry! Making the sun with the candle and sunflower petals is a wonderful idea and it looks amazing :sunflower::candle:

And two people reaching out during the spell- wow! That worked very fast and was super potent- well done! :blush::two_hearts: Thanks for sharing this bright and joyful spell :sparkles: