Super Full Moon May 26

Today! It has been very transformative and wonderful so far that I wanted to share it with all of you. I woke up at 418 ET. I woke crying as If something was lifting from me. I prayed to the goddess and god and decided to watch the live stream for the Total Eclipse. Suddenly I had a urged to pulled some oracle cards, and Persephone and Eros manifested through the cards. I felt an overwhelming sense of release of past anger and frustrations and soothing and calm feeling of peace and love. I haven’t sleep since then, but I realize why the Tower show up today. It is my period to release past anger and embrace new found love for myself. May this moon bring you the release that you all need to feel the love. Thank you so much to all of you. I’ve grown attach to this convent. Merry meet.


I’m happy that you had such a great experience! Thank you for sharing! I hope you continue to have a great day!


What a beautiful experiance! I’m so glad for you!


That’s a great feeling!!! I just spoke with an old best friend of mine and I needed that!? I felt a release of past guilt and frustrations. Thanks for sharing this with us all!!! :blush::cherry_blossom::sparkling_heart:


I’m glad you’re receiving signs of being in the right path and facing those parts of yourself. I appreciate your message to the Coven too Fabian :pray:

Your words reminded me of the work of John Bradshaw. He was a pioneer in inner child healing:

Have a very Blessed Full Moon :full_moon:


That’s so wonderful! I am truly happy for you, to know that you have been released from some strong hold. I can imagine how much ease it has brought you. I hope you continue to feel that! Many continued bright blessings to you


Such a powerful experience- congrats to you on your release and cleansing, @fabian! Like the Tower crashing down, I’m so glad you were able to knock aside your past anger and frustration to rise from ashes with new feelings of love and peace :dove::heart: Proud of you! Thanks so much for sharing- may the good feelings and positivity energy continue to bring you joy and inner peace :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Blessed be!