Is it really bad luck if a black cat runs up to u or corsses ur path?


@Dragonfly97 I do not believe black cats are bad luck. As with all things, tho, it is to each their own. Egyptian culture says black cats are good luck & white ones are actually the bad luck kitties. For me, what is usually bad luck for others is good luck for me. Whatever you believe is bad luck for you, will be. It’s like the saying whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right. Is you claim something is good luck for you, then it will be.


Depends if it’s got the zoomies after a bad litter box situation. LOL!

No, seriously though, the bad luck black cats bring is to themselves. Everyone seems to pick on them and they’re virtually unadoptable in shelters.


Great question, @Dragonfly97!

Honestly, just like @Shine said, whether or not black cats are considered bad luck or not (or even if they are considered good luck) and all the superstitions you heard growing up really depend on where you are from and what folklore/traditions you are familiar with.

Black cats appear in the folklore of many more cultures as both good and bad omens. In some European folklore, black cats are considered common companions of witches and bringers of misfortune if they happened to cross your path. In contrast, Welsh folklore depicts black cats would bring luck to a home and could even be a reliable weather predictor

From the Carnegie Museum of Natural History: Superstitions and Black Cats

Somewhat ironically, some of the superstitions around black cats being “evil” come from their supposed association with witches- and I think everyone here can vouch that many of the old stereotypes around witches aren’t true!

Black cats and witches both have a history of getting a bad rap from those who don’t understand or are quick to point blame at those who are “different” (though to be fair, it’s often out of the desire to protect themselves).

Times have, thankfully, changed a lot- but when it comes to black cats and witches, we’re still in it together! :mage: :sparkles::black_cat:

On that note, anyone who is considering adopting a cat, go give a home to a sweet black kitty- they are absolutely adorable and really gosh darn hilarious :black_cat: :heart:

Gif from Tenor


I have 2 cats of my own. One fat orange tabby cat whos a mamas boy and sleeps ontop of me and a little gray and white mams girl who thinks she needs to always sleep next to me and got to be physically touching me with any part of her body


Goddd Bry! I loooooove you & that GIF!! :joy: :kissing_heart: :kissing_closed_eyes: :hearts:


If any cat crosses my path, they’re bound to get sweet pets and scritches, good luck both for me and them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_cat: :cat2:


I mean I love cats & their personalities… plus I have owned 2 black cats. One was more… very Alpha & everything was on his terms, we were just allowed to be in the same area as him, but otherwise he was hilarious & very much a silly kitty. He just thought we didn’t know that… :laughing:

He was amazing though, when our kitten got hurt well, she was a bit bigger because he couldn’t carry her, he became increasingly “annoying” but, my brother & I being kids were like… well, let’s follow him to see what it is he is so adamant about us continuing… so we did & we found our kitten, then we brought her home & my parents took her to the vet. So he was very protective in his own way… he just didn’t want anyone to know that he cared :rofl:

He also used to bring us ‘presents’… all the time, everyone in the family. Sometimes, those presents came with other things…

My brother & I were playing wiffle ball in the neighborhood & our cat was in a tree messing with some birds, they happened to be bluejays. Well, he got one & decided to bring to us… however the other bluejays weren’t thrilled about this & decided to follow him while dive bombing him… he continued his path to us & we (my brother & our friends) had to run in the house because of all the birds swooping down & around him with his present. He left the present on our front steps then went & did… I don’t know what. My Dad had to go remove said present & buried it.

About 2 hours later we found 4 moles laid in a square pattern where the bluejay was… that cat was determined to give us presents that day. :joy: He was an awesome cat though & I have never thought of black cats as bad luck or omens. Actually, they are the ones that pique my interest the most!

In contrast we had another cat after that black cat passed, but he was’t black… & he was nicknamed the Great White Hunter because… he couldn’t catch a greenbean stationary on the floor… & would literally get 3 feet up the trunk of a tree & jump down. If for whatever reason he made it to a branch… he would stay there until either my brother or I climbed up to get him down or someone else. Only cat that I ever met that was seemingly afraid of any kind of heights. :rofl:


Awww, they sound like fun little fluffballs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And you know what they say, cats don’t have owners, they have staff… :rofl: :black_cat:


We were definitely his staff… :rofl: The things he would do when he was hungry or heard a can opening… the other cat that was afraid of heights… he was a whittler… when he wanted to go out, if we didn’t move fast enough for him… the trim around the backdoor wound up quite… decorated by his claws… Good thing we loved him & replaced it once we got him to stop that little trick of his :laughing: He also thought that my son’s baby carrieer/car seat was his bed… he would curl up under the little blanket & stay there. Getting him out of it to leave was quite the event… so we just got a second a carrier :rofl:


Oh this is absolutely true :rofl: We had a black cat a few years ago but he passed last year. Now we just have our other kitty that we had before the black cat. She’s a… well, she’s something else :laughing: when her food bowl is less than half-full, she’ll knock it off the counter where it sits because she wants it to be full. I’m definitely her staff at this point!


I live with black cats. They cross my path often and I feel pretty lucky!


Hahaha lots of love to you too, Solasta! :hugs::two_hearts: And I’m glad you enjoyed the gif- there were so many funny ones to choose from, but that one made me laugh the most. Look at those crazy eyes! :joy::black_cat: :two_hearts:

Black cats really are such silly sweethearts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well said! :laughing: :+1: :heart:


No, unless you run it over with your car, black cats are not unlucky.
they are just beautiful loving animals.

I have 5 cats that own me.
Tippy is black with a white tip on his tail, Radar is black with a small patch on his chest. Grey is, well grey. Max is a siamese cat with maximum volume. and Amy Ann, once known as FrankenKitten because of a scar behind her left ear is long-haired black and white.
And I do mean, they own me.
They tell me when to get up and let them out and if I don’t, they begin the pouncing…on our bodies until we do.
They demand food, and water, when their pan needs changing, and when to go out. They demand brushing, and tell us when we should go to bed so they and sleep. Dictators, I tell you, dictators.


Awww, they are… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Some cats are just the sweetest. They can sense when you’re not feeling well, and come cuddle close to you and soothe you with their sweet purr. :black_cat: :heart:


It seems that the superstition is different dependent on where you are. I’ve heard it said they bring bad luck but here in Scotland it’s the opposite and actually considered as a sign that you’ll come into money. Now I’m off out to search for a black cat…my bank balance needs a boost :joy::black_cat::dollar:


You and me both! :black_cat: :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Your kitties sound like lots of fun, Garnet, and furry little dictators though they may be (lol)- I have no doubt that they love you heart, mind, and soul :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cat: :heart:

Count me in on that search! Here kitty, kitty kitty! :joy::+1: :black_cat: :dollar: :sparkles:


I never had a black cat before because all of my cats were either strays or kittens a friend needed to get rid of. When my Janie died, I was heartbroken and was never getting another pet. My house was so quiet I would find myself looking for her. I decided to look for a black cat at an animal shelter because I had heard they were unadoptable. When I went to the shelter, they had 3 black cats but only 2 were kittens. (I wanted a kitten) I sat in their playroom at the shelter for an hour playing with these 2 kittens and the one that chose me sat in front of me and when I asked him if he was my kitty…he licked my hand. I was still crying alot for Janie and he would always rub my face with his face and snuggle with me. I would say he is good luck cause he helps me with missing Janie. He’s a year old now and I love him to pieces. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_heart: :black_heart:


Awww, little sweetheart! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_cat: :black_heart: