Surprised by my pink moon meditation

Hi friends! This post turned out to be a little longer than I anticipated, but I am a newbie and was so excited to share! I had been waiting with great anticipation for Friday’s Pink Moon and had done a lot of prep ahead of time like hunting down a piece of rose quartz I knew I had somewhere and picking wild pink azaleas for the occasion, rolling my own pink beeswax candle, and thinking hard about what intention I’d like to set.

I fell asleep Friday night, it had been a hard week with sick personal kids, hard classes (I teach 6 year olds) and I hadn’t slept well all week. I woke up Saturday morning at 6 and it was pouring rain and thundering, but my house was dark and quiet so I decided to do my meditation since I knew that if it wasn’t raining, I would still be able to see the beautiful moon.

I’m super new to the craft and right now I am really focusing on meditation and setting intentions and feeling comfortable with the idea of altars and sacred spaces that aren’t a church. I set up my pink candle, my rose quartz, and some lovely wild azaleas I had picked from the yard the day before and did the pink moon meditation. I was not fully prepared for the experience, but it was pretty amazing!

My cats, curiously, would not stop hopping up by my candle, I just noticed that and tucked it away to think on later. After the guided meditation, I didn’t feel ready to stop, so I just continued gazing at my candle and breathing. I had all the lights off, the rain was loud on the roof, it was so peacefuland I felt so full of love and contentment. Then, I saw these beautiful rays of light coming towards me from my candle flame. I thought it was just because I was a little bleary eyed from being up early, but they stayed every time I wiped my eyes or blinked. It was comforting because I decided that my witchy name was going to be Ailey and I had looked it up the night before and discovered that it meant light. I’d also be looking at pictures of sigils that represented light and the lights I saw with my flame matched one I had seen the night before.

Then, out of nowhere, a moth flew into my candle flame. That startled me because it made the flame sputter and I was afraid a flaming moth was about to go flying onto the carpet. Then, I got a little worried that moths flying into your flame might not be the best message, but I made myself calm down and breathe and immediately started thinking that I needed to remember not to burn myself out with the intention I had set or with my new studies, etc. I tend to hyper focus on topics when I am excited and interested in them! After that, I knew that my meditation was finished.
I looked up the significance of moths after my meditation, I was amazed because they represent (in many cultures) spiritual growth and awakening (which I am really focused on right now), change and transformation, and even exploring the repressed shadow aspects of ourselves. I was raised very strictly Catholic, so I’ve been exploring the idea of being a Christian witch and I am working through some feelings on that so the idea of a “exploring a repressed shadow self” felt pretty significant to me.

All in all, it was amazingly profound and also a little shocking. This is the second intentional witchy thing I’ve done and I was not expecting anything to actually happen since I am so new to it all. I was pretty excited just to have a space set and a time to actively meditate! I am proud of myself and very excited to continue my studies!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and bearing with us neophytes who are excited to be finding our way!


Hello and Blessed Be @AileyGrey
Welcome to Spells8 and the Infinite Roots Coven. We are so happy your here!

I, myself, was a newbie not too long ago and I still have a lot to learn. My advice is to take it day by day. You can check out all the courses that are available. They really helped me! I was away this weekend at my favorite mountain retreat. The full moon was absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, due to fire danger here in California, I couldn’t light any candles but I think she knows I worship her all the same!

I am so happy that you had such an amazing experience and discovered your witch name! I haven’t yet discovered mine but it’s okay:) Good things come to those who wait.

I cannot wait to see your altar once you feel comfortable enough to create it. It is so much fun here and there are so many things to do! Definitely check out the forum regularly for all the activities that are going on!

So, welcome again, dear @AileyGrey I cannot wait to hear about the next chapter of your journey!

Merry Meet and Blessed Be love! :heart: :sunflower: :maple_leaf: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wolf:


Thank you! A mountain retreat with the full moon sounds amazing! I hope you enjoyed it!


I do very much! I want to live there one day. That’s my goal :grinning:
I like to be in nature whenever I can. It helps me relax and it is so far away from city life. I feel closer to GG (God & Gaia) there and I can just let go. I have been doing a lot of shadow work lately and it was a welcome blessing to visit my favorite town and all the friendly people. I bought a beautiful long scarf, some soaps, and crystals. I love crystals! They are great for meditating and a whole slew of other things!


It is a great feeling indeed when you know that youre moving forward & your mediatation is continuing to go well. Thank you for sharing your experience & you have a reason to be excited! Things are starting to move on a new path, so just take your time & find what works for you.

After I brought my things inside, I spent time cleaning my altar space & putting my items in their new homes on my altar. I think i may change the altar cloth soon. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It sounds as if you’ve had a wonderful experience! I have such a hard time meditating, even now, I’m kind of jealous really. Just kidding! But still, you did a great job! Thanks for sharing your experience!


I am so excited! I love to set up tables and such… so I think when I am ready for an altar, I will thoroughly enjoy setting it up! Do you make many of your own things?


My life is so busy with teaching and my own kids that I crave quiet and still. It feels really nice to be purposeful about it!


I make a lot of things actually. I use my herbs to make fresh incense& I make mini besoms, jewelry, knitting & crochet. Plus my husband makes me things when he can.

I’m on my phone right now, so I don’t have any pictures right. I’m sure I can find some though. :smiling_face:


I am an avid crocheter and crafter! I love to talk crafts!


@Siofra_Strega I change and clean my altar whenever I feel it needs a lift. I recently bought a beautiful bust of Gaia and I definitely need to change things to showcase her. I will share pictures once I’m done. And I’m also here for you if you want to talk shadow work. No one should have to really go through the darkness alone.

@Amethyst You my friend, are not alone. There are many times I cannot meditate because the mind won’t hush or someone’s energy has thrown me off kilter and I become a cranky witch. I regularly just sit my tush somewhere and think of nothing but breathing for a few minutes and if that is all I can do, so mote it be!


I’m proud of you too- congrats on your pink moon meditation, @AileyGrey! :full_moon_with_face: :two_hearts: Good for you for jumping in and giving it a try- it sounds like you had a little visitor (as well as some curious kitties!) but that’s okay- meditations and magick don’t always go as expected. And honestly, that makes it fun and exciting! :blush:

Glad to hear you had a nice pink moon and meditation session! Thanks for sharing, and wishing many blessings to you as you continue to study and explore the Craft! :sparkling_heart:


I just remembered something that can be helpful when continuing to work on meditation. I have a couple of recommendations, especially if sometimes it gets harder than others.

  • Insight Timer - app for your phone with over 100,000 guided meditations from every length & topic, beginner to well experienced for FREE

  • Meditation in a Moment is on YouTube, a silly little stick figure cartoon guy. It teaches you to reset in a moment (that’s the goal). The total video is about 5 minutes, there’s a 1-minute “meditation” & from there you work from exactly 1 minute to a moment… so you go backward for timing. I have found it useful for quick resets, but at first, you watch the video & then it becomes something that you remember. Just remember never more than 1 minute.

@stephanieanne76 rearranging, tidying, cleaning my altar… I do those things all the time. I have different altar cloths that can be switched out every few months. I just get attached to the ones that are there :laughing:

As far as the shadow work, thank you for letting me know that I can reach out to you. I just finished a 9 months-long trudge through the shadows & it’s amazingly bright on the other side! :sparkles: I did have to enlist the help of a psychiatrist & therapist :woman_health_worker: in addition to my other forms of support. Having a good support system though is also a major help in itself. I’m happy to add you to it though. It means a lot.

With all that being said, right now, I am taking a break from it. I took on a pretty good-sized chunk of work (some unintentionally - they just joined in really) & waded through. I’m looking to go back there any time in the near future. I told my therapist that should shadow work come up, I will let her know.

She knows what it is, how I started doing it, why we do it… in my case, it’s a Pandora’s Box of things. So she knows that I can very easily trigger something without meaning to & then she is there if something happens, plus I have a “toolbox” :toolbox: of sorts that is all different coping mechanisms that work the best for me.

If I choose to start doing anything with the shadows again though, I will keep it in mind to reach out. Going through the shadows alone or with support, is not something to take lightly or “breeze” through. I appreciate it.


How exciting! I can only imagine how shocking it must have been to have a moth fly right into your candle :candle: but I’m glad you were able to get yourself calmed down enough to think with a level head. That’s an important skill to have as a witch!

Blessings :sparkles: for many more adventures in the future!


It is a beautiful story and experience that you had, something to cherish :heart:



I’ve been a witch for many years and before I ever bothered with “Magick”,
I concentrated on meditation. I figured that I couldn’t focus on Magick until I learned to focus. (Mind spinning at hyperdrive.)
I sat through many video meditations, then audio and although it took time, I learned to focus. I was more controlled and calm. I think I learned to like myself again.
Good luck on your wonderful new adventures.
be blessed, stay safe and know you are loved.


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