Sweet Dreams Jar Spell

Another jar spell from yours truly. :smile:


I’m looking at all the ingredients & I’m like… Hey… I have most of those essential oils… where is my diffuser to try out those scents? :rofl: I already keep amethyst on my nightstand & my dresser. I have always loved :heartpulse: amethyst… part of that is because it was one of my Nana’s favorite :star_struck: stones!

I know that when I have a migraine (for some reason lavender really helps when I get to the laying down in the dark room with the door shut) or even if my husband just wants to really kind of have a restful sleep & relax his mind… lavender always does the trick! Before I started using incense or essential oil diffusers… we had these lavender-scented candles :candle: from Party Lite that we would use in our sconces in the room or we would use the wax scent melts… you plug in the doo dad & it would have a little night light on it while it warmed the wax to release the scent.

If my husband notices that I’m having trouble settling at night, he will make me chamomile & lavender tea :tea: then dim the living room lights while we watch TV or talk sometimes too! That really helps me.

I recently fell in love with Jasmine oils & the flowers :heart_eyes: I made a roller bottle with Jasmine in it too! I don’t know why it took this long for me to realize that I really love the smell & it really is very calming for me! Or maybe I just didn’t know the name of the scent :face_with_monocle:

My daughter has asked about something for her sleep & dreams… maybe I could make this for her to keep on her nightstand or as a pouch to put in her pillowcase :thinking:

Thank you @SilverBear! I love these little infographics for spell jars :hugs: