Tarot and oracle decks

So just curious on everyone’s thoughts:

Is it possible to have too many tarot or oracle decks?


I don’t believe so, I use one for building myself into a better version of myself. then I use a different one for past/present/future readings, there is my angel deck, Archangel Deck, my Affirmation Deck, and more. I feel if a Deck or Tarot/Oracle Cards calls to you, then use them, if not pass it by. These are my feelings on the matter.


No, it’s not possible! Bahahaha… :rofl:


Only if you think you have too many :laughing: There are some people who keep decks just because they like the art. There are others who collect all kinds of interesting ones just to keep them in a collection. It’s totally dependent on the person who has the decks :blush:


Depends on if you’re using them or just collecting them, I suppose. There are only so many cards you can draw in one day after all.


Too many? I suppose yes if you are buying them beyond your means or beyond what you can house. But really, I think the answer is personal.

I had thought a person wouldn’t need more than one ever but over time I’ve realized that I need different decks for different times or days or for different intents.

I know some people collect them for the art as well. Too many for one person isn’t the same for everyone.

I currently have 4 oracle decks and 4 tarot decks with 1 more tarot and 2 more oracle decks on their way to me.


I would say no :grinning: :+1: Well, okay - if it becomes an obsessive problem where there’s not enough money for the essentials, or if there are so many decks that it becomes a fire hazard… such extreme cases would certainly be a problem!

But for most folks, nope! People collect all kinds of strange things- coins, football jerseys, old newspapers… so there’s nothing wrong with having a collection of tarot and oracle decks! :blush::tarot_card:


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