What do your Tarot decks say about you?

I mainly use the Robin Wood Tarot which is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a very Wiccan leaning deck which is why I think I gravitated to it, with wonderful artwork.


Honestly I feel like my decks are all over the place and don’t really have a general theme? Or maybe they do and I’m just missing it. I have these decks…

  • The Hanson Roberts Tarot
  • The Shadowscapes Tarot
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot
  • The Somnia Tarot
  • The Traditional Manga Tarot

Each one has a different art style and overall feel to it. I think each deck I have actually ties into different aspects of readings. For example, if I need a more light-hearted deck for a question I will pull from my Hanson Roberts deck. If I need a serious answer, usually relating to mental health or introspection, I will pull from my Somnia tarot.

I also have two oracle decks – The Celtic Tree Oracle and the Spirits and Shadows Oracle.

The Celtic Tree Oracle is one I actually read like ogham stones. I don’t look at that particular booklet because I’m reading the ogham on the card, not the card itself, if that makes sense. The Spirits and Shadows Oracle definitely drew me in with it’s dark art and themes of spirits and the Otherworld.


First the pictures…

The bottom picture is the fool card in each deck from the oldest to the newest acquired.

At the moment I have 5 tarot decks(in addition to an RW one) and 6 oracle decks. The first tarot deck I got back in 1998 when my journey started.

I guess I lean more towards animals and critter-themed decks with a slightly darker, fairy-tale theme.

What does that say about me? Hmmmm… I’m honestly not sure! :laughing:


Hmmm… :thinking:

My very first deck was a Rider-Waite tarot deck but it has since been gifted to a friend of mine that had lost all of her witchy items & loves the deck.

My following tarot decks are:

  • The Light Seer’s Tarot
  • Tarot of the Divine
  • The Celtic Tarot

My oracle decks are:

  • The Way of Brighid
  • Inner Child
  • Celtic Tree
  • Wild Runes
  • Radiant Crystals

My decks are kind of all over the place… :rofl:


@Siofra_Strega What’s the difference between a tarot deck and an oracle deck? The newbie needs to know! :heart: I haven’t ventured into tarot yet!


Oracle Decks are like messages. They have images & messages, affirmations, information. They don’t get read the same way as tarot cards. Typically they are read upright unless otherwise stated in their guide books.

To see the differences: April, May, June 2022 Single Oracle/Rune/Tarot has examples of different types of decks with the picture of the card & associated information. They are mostly labeled tarot deck or oracle within the posts. Each day members post different single card draws from an oracle deck, tarot deck, or runes.

You may also read: Tarot Cards vs. Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle decks

Let’s talk oracle decks!


@Siofra_Strega Thanks! You know I will definitely check it out! I’ve been perusing the oracle/tarot draw, but hadn’t really thought much about it! I love how much I’m learning!


@Amethyst It sounds like you have found your tarot soulmate, Amethyst- may your Robin Wood Tarot continue to serve you well and help you find all the answers you seek! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB Perhaps that’s the message right there- you are a diverse, open-minded soul who appreciates good art and creative imagery! :grinning: :sparkles: Sometimes what seems to be a lack of theme is a theme in itself :wink:

@Katnabis I love how you chose a card and took its representative in each deck for comparison- it’s so cool to see the different interpretations across designs! :star_struck: I can definitely see the animal and natural world taking the spotlight across your decks :national_park: . That fantastical, whimsical, fairy-tale vibe is there too :fairy: :two_hearts: Very cool to see!

@Siofra_Strega Ohhh it’s a good idea to include Oracle decks too- I’d even consider Oracle decks, which are not bound to traditional guidelines in the same way tarot decks are, to be even more unique and personalized. And looking at your list of oracle decks, I feel like I am reading one of your introductions, Siofra :laughing: :+1: - I think your decks paint a very good picture of the things you hold dear: aka the focus points in your magickal practice! :sparkling_heart:

@AileyGrey Siofra summed it up beautifully, and I also recommend taking a look at Megan’s post It’s in the Cards that talks about tarot, oracle, and even other options like the lenormand decks! When it comes to divinatory cards, you’ve got lots of choices to explore :blush:


So far I have 4 decks of tarot:

My first I went with a traditional Rider-Waite deck. Probably been the best for learning but not 100% on that! There are a lot of books and information about it. I am still struggling to remember the meanings of the cards but I am improving.
Next Decks:
Witch’s Tarot: No devil card and I like that.
Cat Tarot: I love cats.
Anima Mundi: Love the gold edges and the art on both sides!

My favorite so far is the Anima Mundi :heart: I think I was reading something you wrote about it one day @TheTravelWitch_Bry and had to have it! Thank you for sharing that one! My husband really likes this one too!

Original Tarot, Witch’s Tarot, Cat Tarot, and Anima Mundi

I don’t know if it’s saying anything about me yet since I’m new. I have seen some Oracle decks I was interested in but I’m not sure of the names. I know one was a Viking deck. Maybe an Oracle deck will be my next :wink:


Ohh you’re right! You’re so good with words :laughing: I couldn’t have even put that together.


@Sarall It sounds like you’ve got some lovely decks, Sarall :two_hearts: And hooray! I’m so glad you enjoy the Anima Mundi too, it is a really great deck. It can be pretty blunt at times (which suits the deck, nature doesn’t pull punches :joy:) but it means we always get what we need to hear :grinning:

You’ve got a very witchy collection so far- you started with traditional and are now branching out into deeper areas of personal interest, I can see a theme of animals and nature in your decks! :cat:

I’m sure your future decks will continue to reflect your personality and the unique traits of your magickal path- have fun and happy deck collecting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB Hahaha every now and then something comes out of my mouth (or fingers? I’m typing here so who knows lol) that clicks- I guess I used up my “cool phrase” of the week! :joy: :+1:

I’m happy if it resonated with you :blush:


Indeed! I went down the Etsy rabbit hole one morning! There are so many choices! I saw a deck of Magdalene oracle cards that looked absolutely amazing, but I didn’t order them. I decided I needed to wait just a bit. I fest so excited about learning and trying new things that sometimes I choose too many things at once and I am really trying to spend a little more time with meditation and the moon, so I’ve tucked it aside and have just been browsing the Tarot and Oracle Draws and Tending Brighid’s Flamenfor now. I usually just scroll and happen to stop on a post and find it connects with me for the day. It’s lovely. When the time is right or I find the right deck, I’ll know!


I know the feeling very well- so many exciting decks! So many fun aspects of magick to explore! :star_struck: Like a kid at the carnival (or a witch at a gem show? Better analogy :laughing::+1: ) it can be really tempting to want to see and try everything as fast as you can. The good news is that everything will always be there, ready for us to dig into deeper when the moment is right :blush:

So mote it be! :heart::grinning:


Bet, you are absolutely right! My unofficial motto could be “anything worth doing is worth overdoing!” And when I am on, I am all in… but I want to do this well, so I’m sampling and savoring and really trying to pace myself! I learn so much every day and I am having so much fun!


This!!! :heart:

This is the most important thing right here- you’re having fun and loving the journey, and that sounds like winning at witchcraft to me! :star2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Keep having fun and enjoying your Craft, Kristin! :raised_hands: :two_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry winning at witchcraft should be the name of your first book!


So maybe I’m really weird. I have ONE tarot deck and ONE oracle set. The reason is that I am VERY connected to my decks. It’s really interesting because if I’m out and look at other decks I get this feeling inside as if I’m cheating or being disloyal to my cards. Im not sure this is “normal” but I am very content and confident with my readings, and it is working for me, and I suppose that is what matters.


:laughing: :+1: :heart:

I wish! I would love to write a witchy book someday- I have a few outlines and possible topics on the backburner, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and flesh them out! And now I have a fun title to consider too, thanks to you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Maybe someday!

I don’t think this is weird at all, and it sounds like it is working wonderfully for you @BeccaAnn! :blush:

There’s no need to fix what isn’t broken- it sounds like you have build a very strong bond with your tarot and oracle, congrats to you! :heart:


I still have just my Crystal Visions deck, I’m pretty happy with it :relaxed:

Looking into what appeals to me in it, definitely the ethereal, fantasy-like art style with vibrant colors, crisp lines, beautiful women just shining in their power… :gem: :sparkles: I’d say the elements for this deck would be ether, water and air in that order. Cute, dreamy, clean and easily flowing.

I also have this Finnish oracle deck created by someone I admire, who defines herself as a shamanistic witch, writes about shadow work and following the cycles of the moon, and teaches her own brand of yoga that involves dark clothes and heavy metal music :sparkles::smile::metal:

The elements of this deck would be mostly earth and water I think. There’s a feeling of a dark forest, of dreams and shadows, healing through transformation and ancient medicines of our sweet, wise mother Earth. :green_heart: :black_heart:

What do the decks tell about me? I like things simple and elegant, with an inner glow. I enjoy peace and serenity, and space to enjoy the beauty around me. Dreams hold a special meaning to me, and I take walks to the dark forest of my subconscious. Ideas and archetypes excite me. :sparkling_heart:


That is exactly what matters! :heartpulse: