Let's talk oracle decks!

So, I have never used oracle decks. I just bought some used ones on Etsy and I’m excited about that.

I was looking at some new ones and I think they are beautiful but kind of out of my budget. That’s when I thought, are there any FREE oracle decks online? And yes, there are. `Here is a link to a free printable deck. Free Printable Oracle Cards Divination Deck

Then I thought, could I make my own oracle deck? And yes, that is also possible, of course! Here is a video I found on that. That sounds like a fun project for the future :slight_smile:

Now what I want to hear from you is – how do you use your oracle cards/ decks? Do you use them to clarify Tarot readings? Do you do one card draws for insight or meditation? And have you ever made your own oracle cards? I would love to know if you have oracle decks, and if you do, your favorites, and how you use them :slight_smile:


What’s to difference between oracle decks and tarot decks?


I only have on oracle deck, The Celtic Tree Oracle, and I had put it down for a while. I’ve been feeling a pull to use it more and more lately though so I might do that. The Earth Mantras and Guiding Stars decks look very interesting! I hope you’ll give us a bit of a review when you have a chance to use them :blush:

@Torista – A tarot deck follows a very specific system, usually based on the Rider-Waite Smith symbols and suits. It almost always has at least 78 cards, a major, and a minor arcana. An oracle deck can be literally whatever the creator wants it to be. Sometimes it’s just phrase or word, sometimes it’s a specific symbol, or even a mantra.


I also have the Celtic Tree Oracle! I love that deck. However I have The Wild Runes Deck based on the Elder Futhark from Tamed Wiled, & the Radiant Crystal Oracle by Bouchette Designs… they have an Etsy shop… I have the links for the posted in March 2022 Oracle - Radiant Crystal Draw with links, & the Inner Child Oracle.

TidBit: Some oracle cards don’t have a reversed meaning as tarot cards do. The same can be said for Runes except that some people read all runes with a Reversed or Merkstave meaning.

I have the Celtic Tarot, Tarot of the Divine, & the Light Seer’s Tarot.


I have several oracle decks but I find I don’t use them that much, I use my tarot instead. But that video of making your own oracle looks neat, if I had any artistic ability at all, I’d try that. That’s neat!


I love how this person used postcards she got from Amazon to make her own Oracle deck. I looked at Amazon and those postcards are about half the price of Oracle cards (of course, Oracle cards do have the advantages of being designed for that purpose and having a gudie book. But it’s a cool idea! I saw postcards for PIxar characters, motivational quotes, etc.

@Torista Tarot reader using Oracle cards to clarify or add information to the interpreted meaning of a Tarot reading.

Here is a detailed explanation of the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards from Hearth :slight_smile: Love her videos!

Tarot vs Oracle║The Differences | Divination - YouTube


I use both tarot and oracle decks and make my own decks too. Which deck I use depends on what I am asking or the mood I am in. They all have different energies that match certain situations. I have Kim Krans Archetype deck which is great for real deep inner work and Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted map is good for life path work. I created my colour oracle deck for art magic work mainly, choosing a card to guide the colours and energies I need for my artwork. My Cat Guardians are travelling companions who give me words of wisdom!

I have made an original oracle deck from old playing cards which was great fun, time consuming but very enjoyable!
I feel tarot gives a mix of guidance, right across the spectrum of life’s journey, personal development and opens up our intuition for dealing with any current situations.

I have also made sigil cards that I use as an oracle. I made a tiny deck of them by scanning my work and printing out. Then I back them with card to stiffen them up. I also print them as stickers for journaling. I have attached the scan if anyone wants to make a little set or use the art work in their grimoires.
2020-sigil-cards.pdf (1.3 MB)

If anyone want to know how I make my cards please get in touch, I love to help with art magic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This topic is perfect timing ladies! I just picked up my first oracle deck and learning how to use them. Thank you @mary25 for touching on this and sharing some informative videos. I chose the Moon Oracle deck to give a try!


What perfect timing for your post! I just received my brand new Spirits & Shadows Oracle deck in the mail today!

First a little background on my and oracle decks. I had never heard of oracle decks until the rekindling of magic in my life last spring after a hiatus of 20 years. A friend gifted me a witch re-starter kit that included many herbs, crystals, candles, and more! One of the things she gave me was a fairies oracle deck.

I read through the cards and tried it out a few times but I never really connected with the artwork and tucked it on the shelf. Fast forward a few months and I pre-ordered the Urban Crow Oracle deck after falling in love with the Crow Tarot.

I love everything about this deck and carried it with me for a few weeks. I’ve been making more of an effort to be consistent with my tarot readings and try to do a 3 card draw in the morning and at night during the week and one just at night on the weekends. That’s morphed into reading my Grimalkin Cat Tarot deck in the morning and drawing an angels oracle card while in the evening I pull three cards from my Hush Tarot deck and one from my Urban Crow Oracle.

I find that the oracle cards help me set a tone or provide more clarity for a reading.

I am a part of a Facebook group called Home for Peculiar Artists that is a curated collection of amazing artwork from textiles to carved grains of rice to gorgeous oil paintings that like your soul aflame. There I found a wonderful artist whose work I was always drawn to… dark, mysterious, full of witchy energy with plenty of cats, crows, and trees. Imagine my delight when I ran across his announcement that he was releasing his very first oracle deck in a limited production (only 500 decks). I knew I had to get this deck as soon as it was available for purchase and giddily bought it last Friday.

Tonight I will spend some time pouring over the artwork on the cards and getting to know my new oracle deck.

Uploading: 20220314_183654.jpg…

Anyway… more than you wanted to know but there you go! My little history with oracle decks.


Oooo Moonolgy! I keep thinking about getting this deck but have seen mixed reviews. How do you like it? Since I adore the moon this deck is tempting.


@TwinkleArtWitch Those cards are beautiful. :heartpulse: I am very interested in you process as I was thinking about making myself an oracle deck.

Please teach me your ways. :pray:t4: :star_struck:


Wow! The artwork on those cards is beautiful! I especially like “Foresight” :heart_eyes:


No problem @Torista , I will write up a little tutorial! :blush:


Oh my Gods, I am soo drawn to that artwork of those cards you pulled! The Reincarnation card is amazing and I LOVE the card for Awakening! Do you have a link to share for that? I would love to grab one for myself!


@TwinkleArtWitch These are amazing1!!! Is it okay to print and use these for personal use - because that would be AH-SOME! Yes, maybe would you do a post for us on making them? Or any topic on art magic? Or teaching us in anyway about it – yes, yes, yes :slight_smile: Wow. You are a true artist.


Gorgeous decks! I love the artwork for the last one & the Urban Crows. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my goodness… you make your own oracle cards? I am in awe.

I don’t have the skill or patience to make my own tarot deck … too many cards for me to be creative and artistic BUT… maybe… MAYBE I could make my own oracle deck. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I would absolutely love to tap into your kindness and artistic talents to guide me in perhaps creating my own! I crave a challenge now that I’ve completed my Bronze Runes set.

Blessed be



Isn’t his work amazing? This artist’s work really speaks to me and I’m adoring this deck so far. He is planning on an expansion to this deck in the near future and I’m very excited about it.

The link to get the decks (limited supply on the first run - and no I don’t get a cut or profit. I’m just enthusiastic about his work :laughing: ) - Spirits & Shadows Oracle

He also sells prints and originals of his artwork which can be seen here on his Artist’s Page - Down the dark path


Isn’t that one wonderful?

His personal black cat is one of his muses and finds her way into many of his paintings.

(source: Down the dark path)


@Artemisia, I’m enjoying it! I adore the moon as well, so for me, they are aesthetically pleasing :full_moon: and of course, the positive affirmations are a good way to start the day :mage: