Tarot Cards vs. Oracle Cards


I have never used oracle cards before so I have been doing some research on differences, and/or incorporating them together for readings. I’d love to know anyone’s thoughts on what the main differences are to you and how you personally use them. It’s so much nicer to talk to actual humans rather than reading nearly the same thing on a million different sites :joy:


Here’s a link explaining the difference between the two.


@christina4, I love using that site! :grin: I actually bought tarot cards from there, too. (They sell their deck through Amazon…)

@marcy, the link christina shared is great for the differences.

For individual uses, I like to do a modified gaia spread with my tarot that uses two oracle cards for clarity on shadow work and future choices. I also draw one oracle cards by itself every few days or so to get a general feel of the week and I sometimes use one to provide clarity to a three card tarot spread.

Last night I ran candles for some friends and I drew stones and oracle cards for each candle. That was enlightening and I’ll probably do it again in the future.

I hope some of this is helpful.


Hi Marcy :wave:

The main difference between a tarot deck and an oracle deck is that tarot is based on a traditional system and usually has 78 cards (unless it is Lenormand). An oracle deck can be however many cards in whatever fashion with whatever different meanings. Other than that, they’re both great forms of divination!


Thank you, y’all!! :grinning:


Hi Marcy,

I have seen lots of people who do spreads with both kinds of cards. I prefer not to mix them but that’s just me.

My first deck was an Oracle deck that I still have and use. I think Oracles are great to start and to get confident fast with simple readings. They usually have words or text that you can work with right away.

If I’m going somewhere that’s the deck I bring because I feel I can use it for fun without much analyzing.

Tarot decks in my opinion are more complex and take longer to fully grasp. However there’s more of a personal/contextual insight in each reading, so they can be more flexible at the same time.


I find that, while in the end tarot may be difficult to learn, once you’ve learned it, you can pick up any tarot deck and read it. While Oracle cards each have different meanings and personalities. It’s like comparing apples and oranges in the long run. Both are fruit but are totally different.

When I pull cards for a tarot reading, I usually pull an oracle card as well to help clarify the reading. But that’s just me.

Hope this helps!


Yes yes thank you so much!