Tarot card reading always giving me the same 2 cards

I have looked at the daily Tarot card on this site a good 10-15 times this month, I keep getting the same 2 cards, Death most often, followed by the Tower. The only other card I got, once, was the Hermit. I have watched the videos on both cards, I don’t mind seeing the Death card so much, but the Tower and Death? Can someone please try to interpret this for me?

Blessed be!


That is what I seemed to get about the same certain cards, over and over, so I don’t bother with them anymore. I have my own Tarot Decks and I shuffle my deck and pull one card every day for myself and see what the Universe is trying to tell me.


Thanks for the feedback about the daily Tarot card page.

One of the things is that it’s a limited pull because it’s only Major Arcana cards, so there’s a smaller selection of cards to get. I will look into it to see if it’s acting funky but the code behind it should be 100% random.

Regarding getting Death card as a persistent card, my advice is to meditate on it, give it some more attention and see if it continues to stalk you. Maybe do a divination cross-checking. This card usually means that you’re hanging on to something that you need to let go of.

The Tower as you know is not good news, but it’s usually with a reason, something that has been carefully constructed but now needs to come down by whatever means.

Blessings :yellow_heart:


Ohh :smile: I think I might be alone in this but The Tower is one of my favorite cards lol I even have earrings that have the tower on them from the RWS deck.

Anyway, with those two cards combined, I would say that change is coming but it’s necessary for your growth. This is because Death, as I’m sure you know, involves losing something to gain something else. It’s the proverbial “One door closes so another one opens,” kind of card. Coupled with The Tower, I’d say this change is not only needed on a small scale but on a larger scale, too. The Tower is all about the foundations we have built our house upon. In this case, our “house” could be our belief system about ourself, our work, our personal lives, etc. When that foundation is built on sand with crumbling rock, it’s definitely easy to fall over. The Death card could be the catalyst, the lightning strike in The Tower, for that specific change. It isn’t always easy or comfortable, but it most definitely is always better after the fact when the dust has settled.

And in any case, if the code is acting up, I think this combination of cards is a good reminder that sometimes we lose things so we can get something better in our lives. And with the Tower, that’s a good reminder to make sure we’re living our lives as authentically and true to our values as possible :pray:t3:


Thank you all so much for your thoughts!

@Francisco and @MeganB:
I believe I am getting these 2 cards as a warning, not that something is wrong with the code.

I have been thinking about the possible meanings, and I am convinced that this is a warning because I am going through major changes right now and the universe is telling me to be still, be prepared, be ready. This is going to be good for me, I think…lol.

Thank you @debra2, I am going to start pulling from my own deck as you suggested, because I will have more cards to choose from, but also, I love my new cards and want to start using them.


You’re headed where you’re meant to be. Lots of luck and blessings! :four_leaf_clover: