Tarot cards and I seem to align well

I am newer at their use for sure. I am I would consider strongly intuitive. The thing intuition is reading and strangely very very often I get the same cards for a given day. So I will do a weekly spread of seven cards. I often do a single card for a given day on that day. The number of times that I chuckle about the same card that I got for lets say a Friday five days later as that days card is really really high. Not sure why this is just thought I would mention it and ask those who are gifted in the area if this is common? Could it mean anything at all?


It’s so nice being in tune with your deck. Before a reading I typically ask for the help of my spirit guides and from then on I trust that they will show me the right cards.

Very few times I get cards that make no sense, so most of the time I don’t even question when I get a repeat card for the same thing.

It could also be that certain cards are coming out more often for you. So maybe also keep an eye on those cards.


Here lately I’ve noticed with each daily reading there is always a 3 involved (3 of wands, 3 of cups or even 3 reversals) but I always draw 1 major arcana 1 swords 1 Wands and 1 pentacles card and at least 2 of those (usually the swords and wands) are reversed. This has been an ongoing thing with them for the last couple of weeks or so. Today it was the Chariot rev, high priestess rev, five of pentacles rev and three of swords.(3 reversals and 3 swords) and if you count my reading from @MeganB during Freebie Friday :sparkles: she drew the nine of cups for me (3×3=9 and there is the cups completing the pattern