Tarot decks so many to choose from

So been looking around. And im astonished at how many tarot decks are out there now this is nothing new but ive been looking for a few months now for that deck that just calls to me and i think i may have finally found it. Its a gothic deck by anne stokes. I just feel like its the one.


Cheers to that, my friend- it is overwhelming sometimes how many tarot decks are out there! :+1: And not just how many there are, but how many there are that want to come home with me- why are there so many perfect decks out there? :laughing: :shopping: I feel you haha.

I couldn’t picture the Gothic Deck by Anne Stokes, so I did a quick search:

Picture from Amazon

It is a beautiful and stunning deck indeed, Nikita- congrats on finding it! I say trust that feeling you’ve got after months of searching, it is likely this deck is calling out to you.

I hope you are able to get a copy of the deck for yourself and that it serves you well! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


There’s only one way to find out :grin: I hope that it ends up being a great tool for you to work with!


Wow, that’s gorgeous. Good find! I went through quite a few decks before I found one that I liked. So don’t worry if you don’t click with it. But I hope you do!


Oh, I just found Anne Stoke’s Gothic deck online the other day!!! I think I like her Legends deck a tiny bit more than the gothic.

Right now I"m waiting on my Dark Woods Tarot to arrive

and am loving my brand new Hush Tarot

I also own and love the Crow Tarot and Grimalkin’s Curious Cats tarot

(preceding two photos are from the artist’s websites - https://crowtarotshop.com/)

Then there are my oracle decks… :laughing:


Well now I need both decks :joy:

I feel this on such a deep level of understanding :rofl:


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