Tarot for intention setting

Hello! I hope all my coven members that celebrate Thanksgiving had a great time with friends and family. As November comes to a close and we approach December, I decided to do something different to set my intentions for the month. I usually pick three things I want to focus on and set intentions around those. This time, I decided to let my Ethereal Visions deck tell me what I should set as my intentions.

I grounded and centered myself and focused on “What intentions should I set for myself in December?” I then shuffled and cut the deck three times, dealing the three cards at that top of the new pile (this is how I always do readings).

I pulled the nine of swords, the sun, and the moon.

  1. Nine of swords represents the fears and anxieties that keep you up at night. Those things that when you lay down at night, your brain brings up. For this card, I decided to set my intention as To take it easy and figure out how to stop overthinking. To address issues from the past that my mind keeps bringing up.
  2. The sun represents positivity, fun, warmth, and enlightenment. For this card, my intention is To do things out of love, for prosperity, and in the name of goodness.
  3. I interpret the moon reversed from most people I’ve seen. The upright to me is releasing your fear and anxieties and trusting your intuition/subconscious. For this intention, I landed on To trust my own feelings and internal voice. To not let myself be moved by others’ opinions of me.

Do you set monthly intentions? If so, how do you set them. What do you think of how I interpreted these cards to set my intentions? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


I’ve always read tarot intuitively, that’s why I love cards with lots of imagery. Going with that first message that comes to you when you look at the cards is important! I think you did great with these.

I love the idea of an intention spread. I’ve never done a monthly intention reading, but I used to do a daily morning draw (just one card) and sometimes I’d sit it out as a reminder throughout the day. I haven’t used any of my cards in more than a year. :cry: I really need to get back to that.


I am currently taking Biddy Tarot’s “Read Tarot with Confidence”, which helps you read intuitively. I’m trying to get away from “the little white book” and trust my instinct.

I do a daily 3-card reading. Most of the time I ask (1) What is the energy for the day? (2) What do I need to release? and (3) What do I need to embrace?


I did really well setting intentions monthly last year. My digital planner, that I adored, had a place to put all kinds of intentions and goals and I loved it. Then my ipad got broken and I went paper/pencil with my planner. I’m doing ok with it, but the format is different and so I lost the intention part. I think my biggest intentions for December will be to stay chill… not to let the season get me harried. I want to enjoy this dark, inward time that my soul really needs. Also, I want to stay well! I’m so over being sick! And… every teacher’s December intention is to survive until Christmas break. Only 17.5 days, but who on earth is counting??


I taught while in grad school, and I always hated this time of year. All the students came to me wanting to know how they can get an A when they goofed off all semester long.

I have this tarot journal by Writual Society and love it. They introduced a single-card version for 2023. I did a post about it here for the Handwriting challenge. I don’t always remember to pull for the day or new/full moon, but I have completed 90% of this year’s journal. It has helped me to be more consistent.


That’s very clever. I’ll have to check it out for sure! My sister brought me a desktop computer and I am so excited to finally have a little office area set up for myself. I’m hoping to spend a few minutes just getting my life together in my office each evening without kids or noise. Having a few moments just to focus is really helpful to me. Maybe that could be a part of my few moments. Thanks for sharing!


That’s such a cool way to set intentions! I’ll have to try that!


Oh, I love this so much! I’ve never set monthly intentions like this, and I’ve heard of others choosing a word intuitively to focus on for the month, but this fits into my practice much better. I think I’ll give this a shot for December. Thank you for sharing!


Thank you, everyone! It is an interesting way to set my intentions, as these are all things I need to work on anyways. Looks like my cards know me best.