Tarot//Oracle Apps

Alright sisters and brothers … I am determined to wait to pick up a deck until I feel something for it … love at first Tarot Deck … you had me at Oracle … that sort of thing.

In the mean time - what do we think about the million Tarot // Oracle deck apps out there? Most of them are $1.99 for full access but have free capabilities too.

I know nothing of the Tarot - Totally a novice.

I’m just curious if anyone has tried them out - Anyone who knows Tarot in the physical. Do they measure up?

Now that I’m typing it I am feeling like the answer is “What does my intuition say?” Do I feel like the app is vibing with me, just like a physical deck would.

Hmmmm… is this a silly question? Meh, I don’t care, I’m posting this anyways :slight_smile:


I’ve been use Labyrinthos… You can find it here for android. It’s very user friendly I don’t think it requires a fee of full access. I’ve always felt like tarot apps are lacking though; I haven’t used a physical deck so that’s just the feeling I get from using the apps.


@Torista Thank you for the suggestion! I downloaded the app and completely lost an hour of time. This is awesome. The app makes learning the cards a lot of fun and in tiny baby steps. Very cool. We are so lucky to live in this day! Blessed be lovely friends.


I agree with this as well! Love Labyrinthos.


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