Tarot Poem 12. The Hanged Man

I felt up to writing today, so here: have a tarot poem!

!2. The Hanged Man.


Enlightenment, rewards.
Wait patiently for knowledge.
The time to evolve.


Waste. Ridged thinking.
Martyrdom and selfishness.
Hanging onto dreams.


Thank you, this was a good little read during my insomnia period tonight!


Got a little dizzy thinking about upright (upside-down Hanged Man) and reversed (right side-up Hanged Man) :joy: Jk- and wow! We have been gifted with another lovely set of tarot haikus, thanks @Kasie! :heart:

The Hanged Man is one of the major arcana that I struggle with. While some cards seem to have a very solid and defined meaning (or a set of meanings that are closely intertwined), the Hanged Man is a card that covers a lot of ground for me.

You touched on so many of the ways to interpret this card in a quick and easily-digestible way. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy these poems, Kasie! :clap::two_hearts:

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You’re welcome love! Glad you liked and I could help you through the long night.

Aww, thank you hon! I’m glad you like them. I mostly read several books and cherry-pick what meanings seem right to me. What I’d like to remember.


Thanks for this new piece in the puzzle of Major Arcana, Kasie! It was subtle and powerful, just like the meaning of the Hanged Man. Nice job!! :smile:


Thank you @Francisco! I’ve always liked the Hanged Man card, it’s one I get, you know? Working for knowledge. I just like it.