Tarot Poem: 13. Death

Huh. I find it fitting that I’m posting about Death the day before the sun dies and is reborn again.

  1. Death


Transformation, growth.
Let go of what you don’t need.
End and beginning.


Sudden and Shocking.
Anxiety, stress, quarrels.
No way out but through.


Great poem, Kasie!! :clap: :clap:

No way out but through

that idea alone is really powerful. I think this card has a lot to do with facing fears and coming out transformed.


You timed it perfectly, @Kasie! Death of the sun, only to be reborn again :sun_with_face: I remember when I first found out about tarot- I had the misconception that Death was the worst card in the deck. But actually, it’s just a force of change- like the seasons and time, it isn’t something that can be classified as ‘good’ or ‘evil’- it simply is.

You captured this perfectly in your haikus- once again,beautifully done Kasie! :clap::heart_eyes:

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Thanks, @Francisco! Some things you just have to endure to grow. Glad you liked the poem!

I didn’t time it that way, it just happened. Which makes it even more special.

The card I hate to see come up in a spread is the Ten of Swords, even over the Tower or Death. It’s just hard to see a good side of being stabbed in the back that many times.

Glad you liked the poem love!


I don’t want to say that some cards are ‘good’ and others are ‘evil’ since I try to think of them all as neutral tools that adapt to the situation of the reading, but there are definitely certain cards with much darker energy than others :sweat_smile: .

Like you say, the Ten of Swords and The Tower come to mind immediately- I agree that it can be hard to find the silver lining of such dark cards! Especially when they have come to embody personal meanings or memories for the reader.

Do you think you’ll continue into the minor arcana when you finish the major arcana, Kasie? I know it’s a big project, but these are so helpful (and beautifully written! :heart:) I would love to see how you use your creativity to continue to discover the light (and dark) within the cards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yep. It’ll take me over a year to get to them all but I intend to do it all the way through, looking at one a week. It’s fun and I’m learning loads, both from the books I’m looking at and from your comments!


Great job & that is very fitting! Great day for it to be done!


Hooray, @Kasie!!! :partying_face::two_hearts: That is so exciting you plan to get through them all- I really do love reading them! I imagine you put a lot of research into each poem. They are helping me connect with and study the cards as well!

When you finish up, you really will have enough to make a Tarot Haiku book! :open_book::star_struck:

I’m saving my haikus but I know I’d have enough for a book. What to do with it when I"m finished is the problem. In a way I’d love to see it published. But in another way, they’d want me to take it down off the net and it’s been fun sharing them here with you guys, you know?

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Ohhh that’s true, @Kasie- I didn’t think about the fact that the publisher would require exclusive rights to the piece :thinking: The forum is technically a restricted/user-only space, so perhaps some publishers wouldn’t count that as being publicly posted?

There’s always the route of self-publishing too- you make your own rules! :grin::+1:


Not sure if I’m savvy enough to self-publish but it’s a thought! Thank you!