Tarot Poems: The Queen of Wands :wand_tarot:


Loyal and self-aware queen.


Breaking promises.
Jealous of others’ stardom.
Chaos, disorder.

Just one more poem to go, folks.


So, I had a reading done & I now listen to a podcast on Spotify & it was the Tarot Diagnosis & they did the Queen of Cups related to the Inner Child. & I thought of you & your poems!

This is a great poem & I can’t believe you only have 1 more to go! Such a great job & wonderfully done each Sunday! Awesome job! :heartpulse:

Thank you for your contributions to the coven :infinite_roots:


Thank you! It’s been a fun way to help me learn the tarot. Now if only I could just memorize all my poems. I tend to forget! LOL!


Yeah, but you have a central place to get to each card that you need! Just click the link to the poem when you are stuck! :wink:


Yeppers, thanks to @praecog29 setting that up for my tarot poems for me!


@Amethyst How could see all your poems from the beginning? I love them! They really help me as I am learning all the cards. I feel very drawn to tarot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any help is appreciated!


You can find them all Here. One of our members, @praecog29 set that up for me. I hope that helps you out!


There are some readers who see the Court Cards as specific people or personality types, as reading these haikus I can definitely see the Queen of Wands as a person- with her both her good points (Upright) and bad side (Reversed). What a character! :person_with_crown: :magic_wand:

These haikus are a treasure and it is so bittersweet to be approaching the final card- bittersweet because it is so cool to have the whole collection finished (after all the months of hard work you’ve poured into this, @Amethyst!) but also that I can’t help but feel sad to reach the end :pray::heart:

Thank you so much- I will continue to come back to and enjoy these poems long after the whole set is complete! :blush:


There’s a couple of air element with her, one of them is the wand, and the colour yellow, blue is a air element colour, from the vast sky on her back. Which makes her strong, determined of the decisions she have to, or makes. Like the sunflower, always facing the sun, the light, what is pure or consider as the source as a guideline. This are keys to get through the situations in our every day life. That sometimes we have to make difficult choices, always following our good instincts, but also rational.Yellow colour and the lions that makes her look royal, with all the symbolism in the back side of the throne. A Leo :leo: In the zodiac sign. People on this sign have this qualities in them. On doing things by the book, understanding the nefarious consequences when taking the wrong road. Unless that like the reverse side of this card says, do things in disorder.


I know what you mean! When I started out I was new here and unsure about the tarot. While I’m still not great at reading spreads, I feel much more confident pulling a card each day. I’m gonna miss this series when I’m finished.

I can’t remember what sign the book said went with this card, besides, the book I’m using leans more towards the Qabala. But what you say makes sense.


I just wanted to say how much I love your poems @Amethyst :heart: Thank you so much for sharing the link.


Thank you @marsha! I’m glad you like them. Just one more to go!


That’s amazing, Amethyst- you’ve come such a long way on your journey through the Tarot! :heart::blush:

With the final poem complete next week, you’ll have a full set of poems to look back on. May they always be a positive reminder and boost of confidence for both your tarot wisdom and wonderful writing talents! :clap::sparkles:


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