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Hello, @Susurrus, and anyone else who does readings for self, you mentioned you I it read for your self, as do I. My question then is when you read for your self do you see the court cards as always an aspect of you or do you sometimes read a court card as someone else in your life?


I read for myself but am very much still learning. For me, the court cards definitely represent a personality that could either be myself or someone who is or will come into my life. Today I drew the knight of swords, with its charge on attitude, not thinking about possible consequences and I thought “ this is definitely me”. Other times I have drawn court cards and thought this is who I want to be and at other times I perhaps couldn’t relate to the person portrayed but saw it as perhaps a sign to look out for these people and what they bring. I think it very much depends on what you are asking, the reading context and the other cards that have been drawing


Good, well afternoon now I guess…

Court cards are part of the minor arcana but are kind of different too…

So they can actually be read as a part of yourself, a situation or event, or as like a maturity level. It would depend on the question & context.

The other thing is depending on the court card it can be a different type of message…

  • Pages: Childlike, curious, spontaneous, exploring new qualities, new beginnings… think of like children, early teens
  • Knights: Prone to excess, adventurous, on a mission, progression… think of late teens, early adults
  • Queens: Draw energy from within, nurturing, receptive, subtle control, grounding… Like a mother figure
  • Kings: Authorities, controlling, domineering, decisive, maturity, establishment… Like Mastering Something

One day I had drawn the Knight of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot: & the 9 of Swords :sword_tarot: for “How do I get through the rest of the day?” (It must have been after lunch :green_salad: that I did the drawing) I read them separately as

  • Knight of Pentacles: I’m moving forward with what I am doing & to keep on that course
  • 9 of Swords: Keep talking & communicating what’s on my mind to relieve the stress & heaviness

When I put them together for the reading:

“I’m making forward progress & keep talking or communicating with my support system what I was thinking & ruminating on to continue the forward progression & be able to achieve what I am putting in work to manifest.”

So it really depends on the question & the context of the situation or question

I hope that helps a little bit! :revolving_hearts:


Hmm… :thinking: I’ve never thought about this but I don’t actually see the court cards as aspects of myself or the other person all the time. In fact, this is rare unless I pulled a court card for a question like that. I usually see them as situationally relevant.

For example, in the February tarot reading check-in I just posted, one of the cards I pulled for everyone was the King of Pentacles. And while when speaking about a person specifically this usually points to someone in total control of their material life, this can also point to a group of people, if that makes sense…

King of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot:

This is an odd card to pull following the Four of Pentacles, because the King of Pentacles is all about having material abundance and using your confidence and knowledge to obtain it. The King sits high on his thrown with his wealth surrounding him, almost like he’s putting on display just how easy it is for him to maintain his wealthy status. However, this doesn’t come from a place of bragging, more of an example of good behaviors to have when following your dreams.


@MeganB… I have read court cards similarly, but I read them more for myself than a collective reading… I’m not sure I’m ready to go much further than myself yet :laughing: I usually take them as a progression type of thing for myself but thats based on the questions that I’m asking…

I’ll have to switch up the questions now :rofl:



That is a great way to read a court card if you can’t relate to it.


I tend to read them as part of myself. I haven’t looked at them as an event yet. I do like to read them as a maturity level also. I was worried I was missing out on depth in a reading by not seeing another person but since I always do a reading for myself for growth it never made sense to see someone else. I will have to try to see how I can read them as an event though. Maybe switch up the question to allow the answer to be an event, or a person.


Interesting, I can’t quite get my head around situationally relevant (in some ways I am quick of mind, however, in some ways my mind grasps concepts at the speed of turtles stampeding through peanut butter).

For example, King of swords I would look at as mastering thoughts, being able to see bigger picture, being aware sword cuts both ways, having clarity of mind, being decisive. How would the King of Swords be situationally relevant?


Exactly like that! Okay, so I think @Susurrus said it better than I did :laughing: the way I view the card would depend entirely on the question. So if my question wasn’t pointing to a specific person then I would read it as the themes of the card applying to the situation or something I needed to keep in mind or know.

So if my question was this → “What do I need to be aware of in the coming week?” and I pulled a court card, I would be more inclined to interpret the card as pointing to a specific person.


Ok, follow up question- if it was pointing to a person, how do you deal with that? Is it a warning or a keep your eye out. Or does that depend on the other cards? Why would we need to know we were going to meet a specific person?

Thank you for your earlier answers @Cosmic_Curiosity @Susurrus @MeganB. (Edited for clarity)


Good morning @Phoenix_Rose, I’m in right now but honestly having my coffee :coffee:

Give me a little bit & I will be able to fully answer the current question for you. I wanted to acknowledge I have seen it & I will be getting back to you shortly :hugs:


Hi @Susurrus, thank you. In the last post, I meant thank you for your earlier answers. Please don’t feel the need to answer my latest question. However, if you wish to, then I look forward to it when you get around to it.

Enjoy your coffee!!:coffee:


@Phoenix_Rose it’s okay, I’m happy to answer if it helps you understand the cards drawn. If the court card is pointing towards a specific person, the best thing to do is learn or understand the personality traits of the court card in question. The card would mostly be a reflection of that person’s traits, characteristics, how they think, feel, and act, and also what motivates them.

It may not be a specific person in it’s entirety, more like coming across a person that has those characteristics or motivations. Nothing from the tarot is set in stone, so personally, I would look at the cards drawn with it to see if it’s something that you would kind of just be aware of or something else.

Put the cards together to tell a story, look for common themes across the cards, common symbols or colors, things that catch your eye & you are drawn to or see first in the cards, and whether are they facing left, forward, or to the right. The Left would point toward the past, the Forward would be the present, and the Right would be to the future depending on the other cards. What are the other cards saying & how would that person fit in the story they are telling you? How many cards are there? If it’s a spread, what is the placement or number of the card & what is the meaning of the spread? Put them together in the context of the question & see if that can help you decipher the specific meaning of the person depicted with the court card drawn.

Journal about the feelings you get when looking at the cards & journal again when you put them together. What do you feel? What are they telling you? Don’t try to analyze them… just right what your energy, feelings, and things that come to mind first just by looking at them.


Bahahahaha…that is what my therapist says about me experiencing my feelings. I am always trying to intellectualize them. Lol

Thank you for the answer. I will definitely continue my journey to continue looking deeper or just noting what comes to me so that way it doesn’t become cumbersome and me stopping.

Thank you again :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


You’re therapist must know mine :rofl: :joy: she says the exact same thing not to overanaylze or overthink them, just let them flow for what they are :rofl: :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: they must know each other! Lol. Feel free to call me out if you see I am being over analytical. You will probably recognize it given we do similar things :grin:


I think @Susurrus pretty much covered it all :laughing: I don’t have too much more to add to what she said!


Thank you :pray:


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