Tarot Spread for Friday the 13th 🖤

Merry meet to all,

Friday the 13th is upon us- tomorrow is the special day!

Interested in this occasion? Learn more and join the discussion in The Truth About Friday the 13th :black_cat:

Whether you believe it to be a lucky time, a dreadful day, or simply just another page on the calendar- why not try a special 13 card reading for the day?

Picture from My Tarot Space

While searching for a special spread for the day, I came across The Horoscope Tarot Spread on My Tarot Space

This spread can be used as a general reading or as a yearly outlook. The cards are laid in a circle and draw on the Zodiac- they each represent one of the Astrological Houses.


How to Read Your Spread:

1st House/Aries –Self-image, identity. This card represent your physical body, image, your look as well as the image you have of yourself.

2nd House/Taurus –Value or your resources. Your self-worth, money and earnings, possessions.

3rd House/Gemini –Communication and knowledge

4th House/Cancer –Home and family. Your domestic life, your roots. This indicates where you live

5th House/Leo – Creativity.Things we give birth to, from children to projects.

6th House/Virgo –Productivity. Work and Service

7th House/Libra –Relationships. Where you interact with others whether romantic partners or perceived enemies.

8th House/Scorpio – Inheritance. Death, taxes, other people’s money.

9th House/Sagittarius – Philosophy. This house deals with your belief system, expanding your knowledge. It deals with stuff we want to learn.

10th House/Capricorn –Ambition. Career

11th House/Aquarius –Community

12th House/Pisces –Inner Self. This house deals with spirituality. Us in the most private. What we know subconsciously.

Source: The Horoscope Tarot Spread

The 13th Card is placed in the middle and is used as an overall indicator the spread.


I’m excited to give this spread a try tomorrow for Friday the 13th! :star_struck:

I was searching for a spread with 13 cards (which is a lot for me- I usually stick to 3! But special times call for special spreads, am I right? :laughing: ) and I really enjoy when tarot meets horoscopes, so this seemed perfect.

For those who also enjoy a blend of horoscopes and tarot, you may be interested in this spread as well: Your Personal Horoscope- A Tarot Spread :crystal_ball:

Will you be reading tarot for Friday the 13th? Did you give this spread a try?

I’d love to hear about your Friday the 13th tarot experiences! Feel free to share them below :sparkles:

Happy Friday the 13th and Blessed be! :dizzy:


Thank you! You must have known that I’ve been searching for something to do for this Friday the 13th!!! :wink:


Eep. That’s a big spread!


@TheTravelWitch @christina4 I found a spread for Friday the 13th on Pinterest

I think I’m gonna give this one a try. The wanna @TheTravelWitch shared is a bit intimidating :rofl:


Thanks for sharing @TheTravelWitch !! It does look a bit overwhelming with so many cards but at the same time it’s super exhaustive, a lot to work with :+1:


Hahaha you know what they say about great minds @Christina4! :laughing: :+1:

Agreed, @Amethyst- it is a big one! Much bigger than I usually do! :grin:

Ohhhh I like that one too, @phoenix_dawn, and it’s certainly much easier to explore with just 5 cards. If you give it a try, let me know how it worked for you! :blush:

Very true @Francisco- it is a lot of information to digest :sweat_smile:

Here’s my (not-so-circular lol) spread:

Now I’ll just excuse myself- it’s going to take me all day to break down each of the cards and their meanings as they pertain to the spread :joy: I’m hoping for some good insights and perhaps some direction for a current problem I’m working through- although I can already see that some things may not be quite what I’m hoping for! :sweat_smile:

Happy Friday the 13th to all! :tada::black_heart:


Ok I did this for Friday the 13th. Thank you again @TheTravelWitch for this spread!!
I shuffled my cards 13 times lol just to get in the spirit of things then my first card popped out just as I was shuffling the 13th round. That became my first card, the chariot. Then I did the rest as it’s taught. So, here’s a picture:

You might have to zoom in because I’m the best photographer :sweat_smile:
Any interpretations I should know about like any hidden meanings lol I did think that this fit me well.


Thanks for the spreads! I used the one suggested by @phoenix_dawn and took a page from @christina4 book with 13 shuffles! Thanks for sharing!
I usually enjoy Friday the 13, I think it’s fun to go a little shadowy, but this reading has me thinking luck is not on my side.

I just came back into town from a very nice vacay. Unfortunately, every anxiety I’ve been dealing with recently came rushing back as soon as I walked in the door. So my intuition is pretty clouded today, any thoughts welcome. I’m trying to read it as a suggestion to take it easy, no big decisions or moves today. Focus on self-care and getting organized.
Wasn’t intending to unload! Appreciate all the info and perspectives I’m find here as a tarot beginner!


Here’s my 13 card spread

Now working on interpretation…


Here’s my Friday the 13th spread. I don’t really care to dive into my interpretation but I don’t mind if y’all want to give it a go based on the picture.


Sorry for the late response. I did the pull yesterday but I was traveling and I wanted to give myself time to process it. This is going in A Sacred Space.


I love that you shuffled the cards 13 times @Christina4, and it looks like you have some very auspicious cards in your reading! May the cards be a hint of good things coming your way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry your reading wasn’t quite what you were hoping for, @Bee12- I hope your anxiety eases up soon. Post-vacation blues are a very real thing and I hope you can get back into a happy mindset again soon. But I love the positive messages you found in the cards- it looks like some self-care and organization could be the way to go! Thanks for sharing your reading :heart:

I love your cards, @IrisW- and it looks like you got quite a few Major Arcana turning up! Sounds to me like some powerful changes are coming your way- may they all be positive for you! Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:

That looks like a pretty balanced reading with different suits, @phoenix_dawn. Thanks for sharing your cards, I hope you had a lovely Friday the 13th! :sparkles:

And thanks again to @praecog29 for sharing your pull! :raised_hands:

To all those who shared their cards and anyone else who did a reading for the day, I hope your reading points to good things soon to come!

Hope you all had a blessed Friday the 13th- the next one will be May 13th, 2022! :grin: