🔮 Your Personal Horoscope - A Tarot Spread

A warm welcome to all!

This is a simple and quick tarot spread based on your Zodiac signs. The placement and intention of the cards reveal both external and internal forces that may affect you in the week ahead, tied to your sun and moon signs :sun_with_face: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

The following is my personal entry to the :milky_way: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Astrology: Reading the Skies- I hope you enjoy it! :blush:

Your Personal Horscope:

A Zodiac Tarot Reading for the Week Ahead

To begin, place a small token representing your Sun Sign in the space above the sun (marked with an empty circle) :sun_with_face:

Similarly, place a small token representation your Moon Sign in the circle space below the moon :full_moon_with_face:

Note: To use this spread for another person, you should use their sun/moon signs instead of yours.

A figurine, drawing, symbol, a statue of your animal, dots in the shape of the constellation, or other representations will all work perfectly fine :+1:

The goal here is to anchor the reading to your personal signs, as the cards you place will then be directly tied to the qualities of the signs represented.

2 Zodiac Tokens

In the example above, I placed a (very poorly drawn lol) symbol for my sun sign Scorpio :scorpius: above the sun on the upper half, and a (even more poorly drawn oops) symbol for my moon sign Taurus :taurus: in the space below the moon on the bottom half.

Card Placement Meanings

I then drew 4 cards to fit into each of the four positions on the spread:

  1. Sun Outer + This card will tell you about external/outside forces that may benefit you/bring good news for you this week. These are things that will likely go well.

  2. Sun Outer ! This card warns about external/outside forces that you should approach with caution and try to avoid if possible. These are things that will likely go poorly for you.

  3. Moon Inner + This card points to internal/inner forces that may benefit you/be improved on this week. These traits will be your strengths in the coming days.

  4. Moon Inner ! This card warns about internal/inner forces that may hold you back/cause problems this week. Be extra mindful of any emotions or desires this card points to.

Sample Reading

  1. Sun Outer + : The Sun

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this :laughing: The Sun here reads that Scorpio Sun can expect happiness and success this week. Ambitious Scorpio will likely find success in something they are pursuing, and a victory is in sight. Those with a Scorpio Sun can let their confidence shine brightly this week- there are good things ahead.

  1. Sun Outer ! : Page of Cups, Reversed

Those with Scorpio Sun may have a roadblock when it comes to impulsiveness- so I guess don’t be too confident this week :sweat_smile: . As someone with a lot of drive who actively pursues their dreams, it may be easy to naively chase after the impossible. Don’t let your fierce pursuit be your downfall this week and don’t be childish. Take a hard look at your goal and know when it’s time to spin around and swim in a new direction.

  1. Moon Inner + : Page of Swords, Reversed

The Page of Swords is a card about projects, group communication, and inner conflict. The Reversed card in a position of strength makes me feel that this card is pointing to some of the darker aspects of Taurus. There may be some inner conflict caused by others, especially gossip. Stay strong, Taurus, and don’t let it pierce your thick skin. If you leave it be and stay steady as your nature, the gossip and turmoil may actually work out in your favor this week :muscle:

  1. Moon Inner ! : The Devil

Stubborn Taurus Moon is indeed stuck this week- there is something keeping you rooted in place, but rather than being secure, it is causing you to sink downwards. Do not blame others, whatever it is holding you back is within your own mind- you will need to bear your horns and face the darkness within yourself if you wish to break free and avoid sinking in place.

Have you used Tarot to read horoscopes before? If you give it a try, I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

Blessed be and happy horoscopes everyone! :milky_way: :flower_playing_cards: :star2:


Oh, you know I’m trying this!!! You’re so creative!!! You have many unique abilities!!! You can draw, you come up with creative challenges every week, you write, you do the challenges and so much more! Definitely have inspiring qualities!!


I’ll have to give this spread a try! :heart_eyes_cat:

May I put the info about this spread and the pic of the layout to put it in my BoS (properly credited, of course :sweat_smile:)?

Also, I’m still trying to figure out what to do for this week’s challenge :see_no_evil: @BryWisteria Would it be okay if I write about my experience using this spread as my submission for this week’s challenge? :slight_smile: (Again, properly credited and linked :sweat_smile:)


I’m gonna have to try this reading soon! I love the spread. Great job and thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m going to try this too! Thank you for sharing! And the drawings are great! :grin:


I love this :heart: thank you so much :heart:


I haven’t done anything with my cards in a while now. I think I will try this one too! I’m going to bookmark it to come back to when I have my cards out.


You are very kind, thank you @Christina4! :heart: I’ve found creativity to be a skill- the more someone practices it, the easier it is to do in the future! That being said, there are plenty of times when I find myself staring at a blank page without a thought in my head :joy: Thank goodness for my Carnelian- it’s a creativity lifeline sometimes :gem::grin:

Absolutely, @Jewitch- it would be an honor! :raised_hands: :two_hearts: You are always very welcome to use the content I post in your BOS/challenge entries/etc. It makes me so happy when inspiration is shared around throughout the coven :heart_eyes:

You’re very welcome- thanks, @MeganB! :sparkling_heart:

Awww thank you, @Rowan! You are very kind- I’m glad you liked it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re very welcome, @Liisa! So glad you enjoyed it! :hearts:

Awesome, @Susurrus! If you do give it a try, I hope it goes well for you- enjoy! :blush:


Love this and definitely giving it try


Awesome, @AliceInWonderdab! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Happy reading- I hope the cards reveal good things to come for you soon! :heart:


Travel Witch,
This reading seems straight to the point and sorta easy to interpret.
I think I am going to give it a shot!
Thank you for your inner knowledge and sharing it’s been fun!
:sun_behind_small_cloud: Seems to me that your reading turned out pretty balanced overall in regards to the sun sign!
For the moon looks as though there are some internal forces you need to deal with!
Well, I send you some positive vibes k! Just try to make the best of it all.


Thanks so much, Jeannie- for both your kind words and for the positive vibes! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you give the tarot spread a try, I would love to hear how it goes for you!

Good luck and blessed be! :heart:


Thank you! I will tomorrow in the afternoon. I did a reading for my 17 year old son in regards to Question about this girl to find out if she was his soulmate! It was a hard reading there were no major cards and I’m not that good yet I feel. It takes time. I wonder what the coven would have said.
You did so well! Way to go Travel Witch! You really got a special touch within that is natural!


Definitely trying this!


Travel Witch,
It’s Jeannie I was just wondering what deck your using? It is really nice! I like the art!


I know! I know! :joy: I have the same deck thanks to her. :slight_smile:

Look at me getting all excited. LOL. It’s my favorite deck.


It’s on the mystical :unicorn: side!:sparkles:
Thank you!


I am sure you did wonderfully with the reading for your son, @Jeannie1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But if you are still feeling a bit iffy about the result of the reading, perhaps try again with a different focus/question for the cards. Sometimes our intention is right, but we are wording it to the cards in not the best way! :sweat_smile:

If the cards are giving mixed/unclear signs about if she is your son’s soulmate, consider drawing three cards to ask:

  1. how the pair will do this year
  2. how they will do in the next few years
  3. how the relationship will fare long term

Maybe the cards will have more to say in this kind of format! Good luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:

Wonderful, @eliza! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May the cards have good news in store for you! :pray:

Ahhhh cheers, @praecog29! :laughing: I love the Anima Mundi so much- and I’m glad you’re loving it too! :heart::flower_playing_cards:


:sun_with_face:1. Sun Outer + : The Sun
The wheel of fortune :crystal_ball:
internal forces that may bring good news is that This card symbolizes good luck good fortune prosperity abundance and success as well as Destiny’s faith and chance. The woman in the picture depicts a woman of wisdom and if you look in the back you will see the ghost in their images. It indicates as follows, I have the pains of getting older!!!. The two spirits in the background represent the stages of life Maiden’s Mother and Crone. I may be getting older but I may feel young inside. My mom and brother just passed I do feel the pains of getting older! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
This may mean I have a good omen because The wheel of fortune is a good card to get. The Cauldron is a Symbol of renewal and rebirth. The :spider_web:spiderweb is an illusion of my faith.

:sun_with_face:2. Sun Outer ! Two of the swords reversed
I am not balanced peaceful or composed. Maybe that I Have an uncertain peace :peace_symbol: and maybe that sometimes I need to practice doing more magic!

:crescent_moon:3. Moon Inner- Internal inner strength for the coming days I have eight of swords. It looks like the girl is blindfolded and she has her arms around her back however she looks like she’s OK with being tied down and trapped. I think I work and I have a heavy load. So maybe I need to focus on what I need to be freed from to free myself from my past mistakes. Overworking myself and feeling caged! This card represents frustration and fear in a sense of powerlessness. Fear of getting a good job! Feelings of victimhood although the eight of swords can be a call for self-improvement. The suit of swords corresponds to the season of spring so what I think is that my weaknesses can turn into strings if I continue to do my magic and keep going to :old_key:Hecate. So since this is reversed it’s the opposite of that this energy is blocked or my shadow in a negative way! All reversed meaning wake up!!
🪄Moon Inner !
Eight of wands internal inner things holding me back emotions and desires.
Things holding me back is my communication because my emotions are a little out of whack it may be hard for my thoughts to line up with my emotions. This card corresponds to the season of summer.

I feel like this was not a good reading however it helps me to take a good look at myself!

:unicorn:Travel Witch, Thank you I made this spread in my BoS!!! :ok_hand:At least I have my faith! I do admit I need to do some hard shadow work! :candle:You like my Wizard Tarot?


Bravo, @Jeannie1! :heart_eyes: :clap: You did such a good job recreating the spread- it looks amazing!

I think you did a wonderful job interpreting the cards to your situation. The reading may have given you some deep and hard-to-face news, but I always think it’s better to hear the truth from the cards rather than pretty lies. Hopefully the insight you found in the reading can help you to move towards a brighter and better future! :pray::heart: Listen to what you discovered- sounds like it’s time for Shadow Work! Luckily, we’ve got a New Moon coming this week- it’s a good opportunity for Shadow Work! :new_moon: :black_heart:

And yes- I love your Wizard Tarot! :mage: :star_struck:

Great job and blessed be, Jeannie!