Thankful For You All

I have been off of work this week and will be next week as well - yay! Came up to be with my parents this week and next week going to spend some time at my favorite theme parks (theme park junkie here! Used to go once a month pre-covid). But while here with my parents they’ve noticed a few of my new routines over the last few days. And the felt so open and comfortable talking about my new way of living and practicing. It was not hard or uncomfortable to discuss like I thought it would be! I also told them about the Energy Exchange on the forum and all the love and support that was sent for my dad and I literally cried talking about it. My parents saw how much I love this group and all connected with it and they understood and were happy.

I’ve never thought about it that way before because I have never met any of you in person. But I think that’s the proper word - Love. So I thank you all for your love, encouragement, help and for just being. It’s truly magical that it can be felt without even seeing you all in person!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Blessings to all!


Blessing to you to @robin77 :bouquet:

I’m so happy you feel at home here! There is so much love in our coven :heart: It’s remarkable how much love and positivity can be felt despite such a physical separation!

Magick :sparkles:is awesome :star_struck:


Blessed Be! It is amazing the amount of love & support that can be felt without ever meeting in person. I’m so happy that you feel it too! :heart:


Awwww :upside_down_face:

That’s so sweet of you. I am so happy, and I just want you to know that we are here for you and each other no matter what!! I definitely can relate to the feeling.

Love & Light


Just because we are miles apart doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other. I’m thankful I’ve found this place to learn and grow and to make such wonderful friends such as yourself. Love you too! :hugs:


Aww I’m also thankful to this community for all the love that is spread every day!! Thanks Robin for sharing that lovely realization with us. Sending my love to you all!! :yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :heart:


@robin77 I know the feeling of appreciation and genuine closeness that this group makes us feel, it’s amazing to feel so close to people we cannot see on a personal level. You are a part of that too! All that love is bounced right in your direction as well. We as a collective are Amazing, the way we share parts of our lives, our craft, and ourselves is evidence of the trust we all share.
Thank you for this good energy today. And I am so happy for the comfort you felt with your parents and the freedom you have in sharing your journey with them.
Blessed Be,


Sending you all of my light and love :black_heart:


I am so happy for you, @robin77- you are blessed with such supportive parents! I am so glad you were able to open up to them :blush: Sending so much love and light back to you too :hugs::heart: Hope you had a wonderful weekend!