Thanks Everyone

Just wanted to give a simple shout out to any and all whom answer questions that members have, you guys make this group a great one! Since I started on Spells8 Ive seen the membership grow and it wouldnt be possible without Francisco, and all the forum members who help out! Thanks again for making this such a cool place to learn, socialize and just hang out!


I’m glad you are here! It is so comforting to know others are going through the same process, discovering, exploring, asking, sharing.

Posts like yours make me glad we are still here one and a half years into this beautiful community! :smiley:

Thanks for being another flame in this cauldron of Witches, Trey! :crystal_ball:


Glad I can be of some help Francisco, even though im not able to get on much, Ill always help when I can!!!


This is so kind of you- thank you, @Trey! It’s a pleasure to be here with you, learning and growing together :open_book::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Cheers to the adventures and discussions yet to come- Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Shout-outs are fun! :grin: I’m personally grateful for Spells8 bc this is my new family! I learn so much from everyone. We share,and grow together. Everyone is so nice and helpful. It does make me feel like I belong!


Its a great place indeed I consider you ALL my friends and good ones at that!


Spells8 has become my fave go to to just discover more about the path I am walking, to unwind and connect with each one of you who is so welcoming and just makes a hard day or funky vibe situation a little easier to navigate. It’s easy to welcome new members because I, for one, know all the positive and great things I say about this group and the witches within it are true.
@christina4 I agree 100%, We do share and grow together. That creates a very strong connection too, I think.
@Trey Thank you as well, for being such a great part of our magical family. You always have the kindest things to say to others.
@Francisco What can I say? Thank you for lighting the fire to all these beautiful sparks!
Much Love Everyone,
Blessed Be,


I love checking in and helping others! You have been quite the help for me also. I feel everyone here is a beautiful and helpful person. Everyone has been great, checking in at least once a day has become a regularity for me. The friends I’ve made are forever friends. If anyone needs anything, feel free to message me. Even from my phone I check in a few times a day. Its just easier on my hands if I have a laptop. Hopefully I will have one soon, I’m saving my money for one now. Have a great day @Trey! Thank you