Thanks for all the kind words

Wow I sure have been thinking about you all when I am awake , dreams when Im not. Hope all is well with you all. I might be on the healing side of things now other than I have now grown a temper that goes 0 to 1000 real quick and its always someone I dont know that causes it. Anyway, work on that later . Ive made a little reminder thing to come see you all every week . I know its because of you I am still here. Thank you.


Welcome, @FlagrumThorn!

Congrats to you on your journey of healing- sending you bright thoughts and positive energy!

I’m wishing you all the best and I look forward to your check-ins in the forum- It’s always wonderful to hear from you :grinning:

Many blessings! :sparkles:


Hey @FlagrumThorn I’m so happy to hear from you! Glad you’ll be checking in a bit more often. I’ve been mia for a little bit myself but I’m working on that when I’m not doing school work, working or being a mom. Hope to hear from you again soon :blush:


Hi @FlagrumThorn it’s so nice to hear from you.

It’s great to hear that you are on the healing side & I know it takes time. You will run into bumps here & there but ultimately it’s propelling you forward. You just have to work through everything. Easier said than done! But it can be done & we will always be here whenever you need us.

Feel free to check in whenever you would like, we would love to hear from you! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Wow, I just thought about you the other day! I’m so glad you’re doing better. Sending you love and light so you can continue on your way! Remember, anger is usually fear misplaced. What could you be fearing that sets your temper off?


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