🕯 The Art of Healing - Sending Energy to Others

I have noticed in the past few days that a few people have reached out on the forum for help and positive energy. I thought it would be a good idea to write some guidance, tips, and techniques for how to send energy and healing to others when you can’t physically see them or be around them.

What does it mean to send healing energy?

The answer to this question depends on many things: your tradition, your belief in how magick works, and your belief in how energy works. When you send healing energy to others, you are sending energy from yourself to another person to help them accomplish a task or heal from something. The energy has to come from somewhere, and most of the time, it is from yourself or the assistance of something outside of you.

How do you send healing energy to someone you don’t physically know?

Wonderful question! And I’m glad you’re here reading this article. So, there are two common ways that this can be accomplished, and they’re fairly simple.


When you get into a deep state of meditation, energy work becomes easier. If you’re an experienced energy worker, you won’t necessarily need the meditation to send the energy. For this method, get into a meditative state and see your energy surrounding you. Visualize the subject that needs the energy - and since we’re talking about someone you’ve never met before, you can do this by asking for their name and a picture or seeing their profile picture and username. Once you have their image in your mind, direct some of your energy to their image. You can affect the type of energy sent to them by charging it with intent before it leaves you.


Lighting a Candle

As I said above, the energy has to come from somewhere, right? One of the more common ways of sending energy to others is with the assistance of a flame. Fire is a powerful energy and, when we gather strength and energy from fire, we can send more energy to the person in need without depleting our own stores of energy. To do this, you need at least a candle and a way to light it. Then, get into a meditative state and see the energy emanating from the flame. If you’re an animist like me, you’ll need to ask for help from the flame and take the energy from the flame with its permission. If you’re not, don’t worry about that step. Once you’re ready, see the person in your mind. Draw the energy from the flame through you, charging it with intent before sending it to the recipient.

If you’ve never worked with energy before, I do recommend practicing. Not only is it a good skill to have to help other people heal, but it is also a necessary skill in practicing magick and casting spells. Energy is all around us, and we need to be able to feel, harness, raise, and dispel it through our day as witches.

Do you have any other techniques for sending energy to others? Or any questions?

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Thanks for this post, @MeganB! Beaming positive vibes through words can definitely affect someone’s mind even from the other side of the world.

As someone who lives 7,000 miles from friends and family, and in a different continent, I can assure that sending both good and bad vibes can have a very real effect, so it’s good to use our energy wisely…

:raised_hands: :candle:

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You’re welcome! I understand about friends and family being far away as well. Granted, not 7,000 miles away, but still not an afternoon drive away <3

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