The blue moon ritual

I am so new to this journey and to this group. I just read a spell on hear called the Blue Moon Ritual and spell. I am a lil confused about the water. Now it doesn’t say to use moon water already. So it OK to use regular water since I will be sitting outside. Does that charge the water? Or should i use moon water first then go on with the ritual. I really want to try this but would love to do it the right way. So if anyone has any advice, suggestions,etc. Thank you so much in advance


I’d say that any type of water would be okay. It doesn’t specify moon water after all, and you’d have to use a good bit to cover your hands. I would, however, make some moon water during the next three nights just so you can have some. It’s too good of a chance to pass up.

Hope this helps!


Using moon water for that spell isn’t necessary :crescent_moon:
As @kasie said, though, I definitely recommend also making moon water with the blue moon because we won’t get another for 2 to 3 more years :smiley:


Exactly like mentioned above by Kasie and Megan. You are making the Moon Water during the ritual so you don’t need to have it already.

Use clean water and if it’s too cold outside you can do it from a place with a window where the Moon can be seen! :full_moon:

Blessings! :sparkles:


For anyone who hasn’t seen this: Ghost Water Instead of Moon Water
Protect yo water!