The circle of magic extends beyond ourselves

Hey guys, I’m sure everyone is aware, there is a state of chaos in the world. Everybody questioning should we or should we not get a vaccine and if we do what then…

Well I’d like to ask those of you who are willing to take a moment to look at this from your higher perspective. Ask yourself, how many animals are getting vaccinated. I haven’t heard any reports.

I would also like to draw your attention to the new variants/mutations being as a result, for the most part, of nature.

This is causing me a great deal of alarm, I walk through nature and I can see our human destruction all over the place. The animals are starving, their food is contaminated, and our scraps they salvage are not helping their immune systems to defend against any of this chaos.

I don’t know the answer, and I am just one person, but for my own peace of mind, I have taken the approach of doing what I can to help heal the land.

I would like to ask for the help of any and all from my coven of conscious Spellcasters, give back just a little of what we have taken, take a walk and scatter some seeds where you see birds, throw some bait into a river without a line, or even dig your garden and hear the birds sing. Any progress is forwards, big or small, if you help nature in some way please, I’d love to hear about it, it’s time to read some good news.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, don’t forget that from the top of the food chain, you rely on all of nature to work in synchronicity for survival.

Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing inspiring stories, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope the beauty of nature finds a way to seduce you back to its serenity soon.


We were walking my dog this morning and he was suddenly was on high alert.

We then heard a horrendous screaming noise and found a baby deer trapped in a fence. The dog had obviously smelt its fear and alerted us to it.

Hubby held the dog whilst I went on the other side of the fence to help free the deer. No damage I could see and it ran off into the woods :deer:


I love this post and the energy you bring!! I feed the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks lol, cats, woodpeckers, robins, cardinals, raccoons and anything else around my house that’s hungry. I don’t throw food away, I give it to the animals. They’re hungry too.

I have a cute little Story. I’ve been feeling the birds for years. The baby’s birds and their baby’s. The baby’s aren’t afraid to come right up to me on my back porch and whistle , like ‘hey aren’t you finna feed me today??’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s so cute.

@IrisW post reminded me that there’s deer :deer: too, along with turkey. :turkey:


Oh that’s nice of you!!! :relaxed::sparkling_heart::clap:t3:


Oh that’s wonderful to hear, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed when I posted here, I can’t thank you more than the ripple effect you’ve made on mother earth can but in spite of that, thank you, I was beginning to feel alone in a world of people too fixated on the media induced fantasy to see how destructive this behaviour has become


I should add that I’ve got a whole birdie feeding station in my garden too. Love watching them all, quite demanding when it’s not topped up to their satisfaction :grinning:


I’ve been walking down river banks scattering seeds/insects and walking far away enough for them to feel safe enough to come out. I’ve also been putting monkey nuts down for the squirrels and fish food in the water. One day in an area I’ve been feeding fish, I found a wild heron! She was beautiful, and further along I saw a male so I guess they’re mating down there. The birds that come out are getting more and more majestic. I’d like to think they’re thanking me with their beauty. Unfortunately this is why people have forgotten where to find it!


We have lots of birds of prey around us, I love watching them.

The cycle of nature fascinates me, always has.


I wish the weather was nicer so I could take pictures, but our front yard has bird feeders & bird houses. I always put some seed down on the ground too. We don’t tend to the front like other people do because the bunnies make nests there & have their babies then just go around eating the clover, dandelions, & other plants that are out there. We have had some close calls with the babies & the mower/trimmer, so we have made it like a very small, wildlife sanctuary out there. We love to watch the birds & bunnies & squirrels. Our backyard has a garden & another bird house. Whenever I do cleansing or a spell that has leftovers, I always give it back to the earth. I sprinkle the ashes in my front garden or the remnants around the doors or stairs going into the house.


We’re in a rented house at the moment so I can’t do much personal, but I’ve left some areas of our back garden deliberately overgrown to attract bees etc.


That’s a great idea! We have rhododendrons in our front yard that bees go to every year. I love watching the bumbles do their little thing in the flowers when they bloom.


Wonderful inspiring post.
I feed the squirrels and birds in my backyard, and the geese that come basically to my door in the front. It’s cute because it’s such a routine the squirrels will chatter and I’ll say “The squirrels are hungry” I’ll give them sunflower seeds, oats, or a peanut butter sandwich ripped up.
The geese wander over about every other day and get bread crumbs. It’s sweet to see them waddling over all in a line.

Blessed Be,


Oh Rowan that’s wonderful! I envy the closeness you have with your surroundings, it must be so rewarding to have so many animals sharing the space with you! I put up a make shift bird feeder in the garden earlier, it’s a very small piece of land though so I had to set it up so they’d be safe from my cat!


Took a walk with the dog again this morning and stopped to look at and take photos of the cows currently roaming the local woods :cow:


Thank you, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I tried a bird feeder but the squirrels destroyed it, hopefully yours works out better. Lol.


There’s something you can put on the ground that keeps the squirrels distracted from the bird feeders. I will try to remember what it’s called & get back to you. I have it bookmarked somewhere so I could get some to put around my feeders.


The thing I put on the ground to distract them from bird food is monkey nuts so they have their own food :joy:


I love this post :heart::heart: I always have sunflower seeds and red skinned peanuts in my bag to feed animals on my walks :heart:
I’m big on recycling and trying to source as ethically as I can :heart:
There is also a beehive in this shed

It’s not my shed it’s my neighbours but she is ok with not using her shed untill they only live there anymore :grin: thankfully she doesn’t have anything in there she desperately needs :joy: I put my plants near it when I’m out so the bees can feed and my plants get pollinated :heart: