The first attempt to make magic oil

I tried to make magic oil for the first time today. I added fresh jasmine and cinnamon in it. Patchouli, a holy wood, dragon’s blood, sandalwood. I chose coconut oil from my hometown of Hainan, China. I hope to become a wish to protect the family and protect the money. Can you share your plan with me? Or ask me questions, I will learn and correct.


Your oil sounds fantastic! I’m not sure what you correspond those ingredients with, but if it involves protection of hearth, home, and finances? Then I’d say you did a great job!

When I use oils, I generally use them physically and dab them on myself or candles for candle magic. How do you plan to use this oil?


First of all, you take great pictures!! :+1: ​:camera_flash:

A good way to protect the family and home is to walk the land. You may find plants to work with (something that grows locally).

Working with the environment is free and it’s a powerful tradition. You can also create a map of the location, add it to a notebook and write down what you find in the area, or what kinds of energies you pick up on your walk.

For money protection, a salt bath can be helpful. Or a money lure such as a money bowl: Put a money sigil or protection symbol inside the bowl (example). Then add coins and small change that you collect. You can dress the bowl with an oil or just add herbs that are associated with money.

Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Beautiful oil and pictures, @1112! :heart_eyes: I love the combination of scents and spices you included- it must smell amazing! I am sending good wishes that your oil helps to protect your family and attract financial bounty :pray::heart: Congrats on your first oil! :clap:


Thank you for your blessing, and I wish you all the best.


Thanks for the advice and I will continue to try different makes. I hope to improve myself.


I followed a recipe on this website. Of course it is to protect the family and protect the money. I wonder if I did something wrong?


It doesn’t look like you did anything wrong to me :heart: