The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess :triquetra:

You can also copy & paste it into Microsoft Word & print it out. I only ask that you give credit for me putting it together. :hugs:


That’s not a bad idea! I have gotten into the habit of putting my computer on one side of me and my notebook on the other and jotting down all sorts of notes as if I’m in high school again. It’s actually been a lot fun. :nerd_face: but I promise you no matter what I’ll always source you and give you full credit or anyone else I copy from :sunflower:


I turned my BOS somewhat digital. I have a BOS folder that contains separate folders for each area that I add to & if I need another one, I just add another folder! I can always print them out if I need to, so it works better for me that way. I used to have 5 binders, but I’m always on my laptop. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The Spirit of the Celtic Gods & Goddesses

Thank you, @Siofra_Strega for the recommendation. I just reserve at our library! My knowledge of the Celts is limited and this looks like the perfect entry level book for my purpose.

photo by Glenn MacLeod

My Grandfather was Scottish born (near Stirling) and my Mum side originate from both Scotland and Ireland. You’d think that I’d know more, lol. While living on the East Coast of Scotland in the 80’s I became engrossed with visiting the Pictish Stones with their unique markings. The Aberlemno in Angus, Scotland is my personal favourite. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


You are very welcome! My family is mostly from Ireland, Scotland, the British Isles, Wales area. The highest value in Ireland though. I’m fascinated with the Celtic ways & Druidry & Ogham… although I’m taking it 1 book at a time. They are a hard bunch to find any written records before the Romans & Christianity started sweeping through. They were known as warriors & women fought in battle regularly. When the Romans were their opposition what was written was based on tribes of people that were resisting.

I have a book Celtic Spirituality by Sara Owen & then Celtic Mythology book by Sofia Visconti & The Celtic Book of Myths by Adams Media. Then of course the Pagan Portals series by Morgan Daimler for the Morrigan & Celtic Lore & Spellcraft for the Dark Goddess by Stephanie Woodfield.

Sadly, I had to cancel my plans to go to Scotland & Ireland next year. It’s okay though. I will get there 1 day, maybe when my daughter graduates high school would be a good time to think about that trip with my husband.

They are all referenced in the post where I listed the sources. Those are the ones that I read first though. Happy Learning!


What a wonderful book recommendation! Thank you so much, I’ve got it in my amazon cart awaiting some birthday money.

And I love the take on Morrigan being more a healer with respect to Shadow Work. That’s an idea that fits well with my relationship with her.


I drew Hagalaz :haglaz: this morning & was honestly afraid of what disruptive chaos was going to be going on… I couldn’t make sense of it. I let it go. Then someone text me & there it was, I couldn’t accept help from this person without resolving the original issue of why I stopped all contact with her in my 20’s.

I have some work to do with this issue because she is talking about coming to visit or around this area during the summer. My family knows about the original situation, so they aren’t exactly thrilled about this adventure she wants to go on either. I couldn’t decide if it was something that I needed to do before I approached this person with it.

I went outside & there were 4 crows. 1 off by itself, 3 in the trees. I started walking towards the tree & rock where they were & 3 of them flew off & 1 of them stayed right above me. I said to Her, “So, you’re my Morrigan. I’ve seen you twice before. I’m sorry that I haven’t connected with you in a few days, but I will when I go inside, it’s too cold out here right now. I understand that I have work to do.” & I went inside.

So I’m going to do the Morrigan meditation Awenking the Warrior/Meet the Morrigan (It’s honestly 1 of my favorite ones to do the other favorite is Meeting Macha) I am going to bring my devotional items out to the living room & set them up on the table next to the couch that I am on. I knew she was trying to get my attention, but the first sign, I thought was the exact opposite apparently.

It’s also 16 degrees without the windchill & there are icy spots & rocky spots in my driveway. So I try to stay on my porch or not stray far from it on days like this, but that 1 crow let me get pretty close to it & didn’t falter while I was talking to Her & flew off the branch when I got to the porch. :triquetra: :triskele:


Hi @Siofra_Strega -

I sometimes watch Lora O’Brien, Irish witchcraft from an Irish witch, and thought of you and your comment in this week’s weekly challenge. So here’s to sharing! I hope you enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Siofra_Strega Your altar is amazingly beautiful and you captured my attention from the beginning. Thank you for great information! My paternal grandmother was Irish and I have been really drawn to Celtic culture and mythology. I plan on doing one of those DNA tests because I am really curious to know who my ancestors were. My parents never could tell me much…


@ValentineMoonBabe thank you for sharing. I will have to check it out!

@stephanieanne76 I have done the DNA tests with the Maternal line… it’s a little more pricey but it can be uploaded to GeniWorld (Geni World Tree) which is partnered with MyHeritage (MyHeritage Family Tree) & it will show you ancestors you never even imagined & the ones that share your maternal DNA. That test is really in-depth about your genetic history & it is from the GeniWorld site. It’s my favorite.

MyHeritage has a separate test through their site that only links to their site & it doesn’t do an in-depth analysis, not both & along with myself I have done my daughter & my father with those tests. So it shows our links on the tree & then how it branches out from there.

Full Disclosure: We had originally done them to see if we could find family members that we had lost contact with or figure out where to start looking. That’s how I found these particular tests. They had the most information that I was looking for along with a couple of happy accidents for my practice.

I have strong roots in the Celtic regions from way back then. Most of my heritage comes from Ireland, my grandfather was an Irishman married to an Italian woman. In the 40s in Boston, MA there was a divide about that happening. It was almost unheard of really. I have pictures that go back to the 1800s of my family on both sides.

Enough rambling, but those tests should help you with what you are looking for!


Wow! That’s amazing @Siofra_Strega! So much history! I will definitely look into your suggestions. Blessed Be beautiful! :heart:


@Siofra_Strega well my friend! The results are in and boy am I a mix.

20% Sweden & Denmark (that surprised me!)
18% Norway
17% France
14% England & Northwestern Europe
11% Ireland
10% Wales
6% Scotland
3% Germanic Europe
1% Basque

I have a lot of research ahead of me!


Those tests are so interesting to me. I have done them follow the maternal line into Haplogroups! No idea, but it came up with originations in Cyprus & another island that is near the UK/Wales area.

The research is my favorite part honestly. I had a couple of surprises & some happy pop-ups in my maternal line. I hope that you do well researching & have fun! :heart:


I was very surprised by Sweden and Denmark. I knew of Norway, France, and Ireland. I want to have my daughter tested now. She may be all those and more! Plus, her dad is African American and Native American. :heart:
My family tree has grown to almost 180 people!


Oh thats awesome! I had my father & daughter tested so theres a link before me & after me.

Im very happy for you. Its exciting as your tree starts grow