The Most Wonderful Thing Happened to Me Today

So I was sitting and waiting for my little one to get out of school. I had just picked up lunch to eat while waiting. Now she is at a school where there is a big field for the school, a track, and I always see all kinds of birds and bugs in the area. The trees and sky at certain times are relaxing while I sit and wait. So I had just got done eating and did not feel well, lets just say whatever I ate came up, not so great part lol. I was sitting and reading and look up in the tree and I see I assume a crow, I know crows and ravens are hard to tell apart. I have attached pics I am in Virginia and I have looked up if there are ravens here and it said yes. If anyone can tell from the pics I got please chime in. So I took a pic of the bird, we are just going to say that for now, in the tree. I asked if it was Morrigan and it looked at me. I then took one of the bones I had and threw it over in their direction, I did not see when the bird left the tree, I then look and seen that it took the bone and flew off. After this it came back to the tree, I then go to try and get another pic, it moved around the branch a few times, just when I was about to take a pic it had flew off again. I go back to my car and look out the window again and it was back. We played the second part over again. The last time I looked up it was close to my car in the parking lot, I was able to get one more pic and it looked at me. I just commented on a post about The Triple Goddess Morrigan possibly being one of my goddesses and I am thinking this is a good sign.


How very lovely! We have lots of birds at my school too… but I think ours our crows. I rarely see them, but I always hear them when I arrive to school in the morning!


I would suggest researching & reading about the Morrigan. Learning her stories & Correspondences.

There are also some great book authors:

  • Morgan Daimler (Pagan Portals Series)
  • Courtney Weber
  • Stephanie Woodfield (Priestess of the Morrigan)
  • Morpheus Ravena (Dedicant of the Morrigan)

Wow. Awesome pictures! I can never tell the difference between a crow and a raven. But it does seem to be a sign!


@Susurrus I have already started doing my research, thanks for the links as well.


Thank you Amethyst, one thing I enjoy doing is taking pictures.


Yay! I was looking through what I have on the Morrigan & then came across this last night:

The Morrigan - Connolly Cove

& then these:

The Morrigan - World History

The Morrigan & Her Sisters - Lora O’Brien (she actually has other posts on Her as well & is a great author & resource for Irish &/or Celtic Deities/Paganism)

Sorry, I like to share resources when it’s things I work with regularly or have found… because there are a lot of misconceptions & distorted information if you don’t quite understand the culture & history of the deities & original roots.

I hope you find a great connection as well! I’ll stop now… I also tend to ramble at times :joy:


@Susurrus no please share away. I love being able to read all sources from what is found and what I am looking up. I was actually waiting on you to post more so I truely appreciate it lol (yes I said waiting).

I am really starting to believe that she is my Goddess. I have been doing some other research and my last names family crest and coat of arms I had looked up long ago comes from Europe and Ireland. I have always been able to pin point a picture of Ireland. I had seen this ladies car a few months ago with the license plate saying solfyre and said (I see you), when I look at her back window I see the Triquetra symbal on it.

I have always had a facisnation with anything Celtic related. The last time I was at Busch Gardens I saw Celtic Fyre and I really felt it in my soul, my daughter even mentioned she felt it there. It was just something different then the last few times I had seen it. Of course all the girls in their beautiful dresses with the symbals on it too, I could not help but keep staring at them.

I missed the Celtic Woman and wanted to see them so bad when they were in my area. I hope they return because I plan on going and one day hope to see Celtic Fire as well.


So I totally forgot about Google Image search and just did one and the new way Google has it is that you can put it directly on what you want to look at in your picture. The results I got from the pic on the parking lot is a Crow, and the results for the one in the tree came up as a Raven, I also got a Magpie from one of the tree pics. I do know they all belong to the Corvidae family. It is fun to learn new things.


Oh I love :heart: to learn new things… my bookmarks & physical books are ridiculous right now. :laughing:

I have some more links & names of actual books… but as it is right now, my brain is a bit tired. I’m assuming from arguing with my computer & not getting along with technology combined with trying to not toss my laptop out my window all day :rofl:

When everyone is off to where they need to be tomorrow, I will post some more for you & actual book names that I have… I have read the Ulster Cycles & other stories she & her sisters appear in too. A word of caution that I had found out, sometimes untangling where different Celtic regions begin & end with deities can be tough… especially when they crossover to the British Isles, Wales, & such. So I will find the most relevant ones that I can for you. I learn about all Celtic :triskele: practices & regions but focused mainly on those from Ireland & both of my deities are part of the Tuatha de Danaan. I have a strong connection to Ireland :ireland: & the areas that include where these stories & sites are located or mentioned. I do the baby step :footprints: thing otherwise I get confused, overwhelmed, & burnt out… all at the same time… never a good time :joy:

When I originally wrote the post for the forum, I believe :thinking: I had put the books & websites at the bottom where I got the information from for that also :smiling_face:


LOL, you sound like me right now at the moment. I am trying to fix something on my computer and it is not working. Earlier I had issues with my email and internet. I am so over it. Maybe it is something in the air. When you are in your right state of mind I welcome the information.


Ah! Hi, I’m back! :laughing: It’s been a bit of an afternoon :face_exhaling:

I do have some links for you though! :computer:

Definitely start with the Pagan Portals series of books if you haven’t already & kind of go from there. I have a habit of looking into the authors of the books I read on different topics, specifically my deities & Celtic :triquetra: Mythology & other things to do with my practice.


Well I hope your evening turns out better for you Siofra. Thank you again for the information I read thru everything you sent me and I have marked the books as books I want to read when I am able to purchase them. I truely appreciate all your help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re very welcome! Happy to help! :smiling_face:


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